oncology and immunomodulation-凯发k8娱乐app下载

oncology and immunomodulation-凯发k8娱乐app下载

  • osun kite biotechnology co., ltd.


    common name:axicabtagene ciloleucel injection

    in june 2021, nmpa approved axicabtagene ciloleucel injection from fosun kite, the first car-t cell product for marketing in china for the treatment of adult patients with relapsed or refractory large b-cell lymphoma after two or more lines of systemic therapy, including diffuse large b-cell lymphoma (dlbcl) not otherwise specified, primary mediastinal large b-cell lymphoma (pmbcl), high-grade b-cell lymphoma and dlbcl arising from follicular lymphoma.

  • shanghai henlius biotech, inc.

    han li kang

    common name:rituximab injection

    han li kang® (rituximab injection) is the company's first proprietary product. it is the first-ever china-manufactured biosimilar approved by the nmpa in accordance with technical guideline for the development and evaluation of biosimilars (tentative) issued in 2015. as of now, 汉利康® has been approved by nmpa for the treatment of non-hodgkin’s lymphoma, chronic lymphocytic leukemia, and rheumatoid arthritis for which the originator rituximab has not been approved in china, benefiting a wider patient population with differentiated strategies.

  • shanghai henlius biotech, inc.

    han qu you

    common name:trastuzumab

    han qu you® (trastuzumab, zercepac® in the eu) was successfully launched in china and europe, becoming the first chinese mab biosimilar entering both the eu and china market. it is indicated for the treatment of her2 positive early breast cancer, metastatic breast cancer and metastatic gastric cancer, which corresponds to all the approved indications of the trastuzumab originator. 汉曲优® is certificated by china and the eu gmp. it will bring more treatment options to patients with her2 positive breast and gastric cancer worldwide.

  • fosun pharma


    common name:avatrombopag maleate tablets

    it is the first drug approved for the treatment of thrombocytopenia associated with chronic liver diseases (cld) in china that has been included in the national reimbursement drug list (nrdl) to benefit more patients! in addition, it's phase iii clinical trial for the treatment of chronic immune thrombocytopenia (itp) is ongoing.

  • yaopharma co., ltd.

    di kai mei

    common name:sorafenib tosylate tablets

    this is category b product covered in national reimbursement drug list; approved by national consistency evaluation and covered in national centralized drug procurement list; recommended by chinese and global authoritative guidelines to be as first-line therapy drug for advanced hepatocellular carcinoma. dual anti-tumor mechanism: inhibition of tumor cell proliferation and tumor neovascularization.

  • shanghai henlius biotech, inc.

    han da yuan

    common name:adalimumab injection

    the company's first product indicated for the treatment of autoimmune diseases. han da yuan® (adalimumab injection) was approved by the nmpa in december 2020. it is indicated for rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, plaque psoriasis and uveitis. it is the first china-developed adalimumab biosimilar that is manufactured in a china and europe gmp certificated manufacturing site, as well as the only adalimumab biosimilar evaluated in a phase 3 clinical study among chinese patients with plaque psoriasis.

  • hebei wanbang folon pharmaceutical co., ltd.

    ke sheng

    common name:xihuang capsules

    resolve toxin and dissipate binds, decrease swelling and relieve pain. for the syndrome of toxicity and acute blood stasis, superficial infection, dorsal furuncle swelling, multiple abscess, adenolymphitis, cold abscess

  • shanghai zhaohui pharmaceutical co., ltd.


    common name:bicalutamide tablets

    indicated for the treatment of advanced prostate cancer in combination with luteinising hormone- releasing hormone (lhrh) analogues or surgical orchiectomy.

  • yaopharma co., ltd.

    kai lai zhi

    common name:epinastine hydrochloride capsules

    this is the first generic drug in china with exclusive dosage form; with triple anti-allergic mechanism to effectively treat various allergic diseases; recommended by multiple guidelines and consensuses; first-line therapy drug for allergic diseases such as urticaria, dermatitis, eczema and allergic rhinitis.

  • shanghai chemo wanbang biopharma co., ltd.


    common name:pemetrexed disodium for injection

    non-small cell lung cancer (nsclc): single is for the treatment of patients with locally advanced or metastatic nsclc who have progressed after previous first-line chemotherapy. this product is not recommended for use in patients with histologically dominant squamous cell carcinoma. malignant pleural mesothelioma: this product is used in combination with cisplatin to treat inoperable malignant pleural mesothelioma.