fosun pharma issues 2012 corporate social responsibility report-凯发k8娱乐app下载

fosun pharma issues 2012 corporate social responsibility report-凯发k8娱乐app下载


fosun pharma issues 2012 corporate social responsibility report

27 march 2013, shanghai fosun pharmaceutical (group) co. ltd. (fosun pharma or the “company”) released its 2012 corporate social responsibility report (the “report”) together with its annual report, which illustrates the company’s sustainable development strategy as well as its measures adopted and progress in aspects of strategy development, economic responsibility, quality safety, environmental protection, health and safety (ehs), staff development, and social well-being. the report aligns with global reporting initiative’s (gri) sustainability reporting guidelines, g3.1 and is verified by société générale de surveillance (sgs), an independent verification service provider with no conflict of interest authorized by the company. results showed that the report meets b standard as defined in the gri’s g3.1 guidelines, which has been upgraded from the c class.

the report puts stronger emphasis on internal governance, communications with stakeholders, quality safety, ehs, staff’s rights etc on the basis of the 2011 report. this is to genuinely reflect the company’s practice and development in corporate social responsibility and to establish mutual communications with stakeholders, such as corporate shareholders, working partners, staff, consumers and the public, giving them an in-depth perspective on the company’s corporate social responsibility practice.

facing opportunities and challenges brought by the economic environment in 2012, fosun pharma carried on its mission to promote human health. the company adhered to the concept of “innovation for good health” and proactively developed the pharmaceutical and healthcare business in order to provide premium products and services, and promote equality to health. as an important part in its strategic development, the company put forward its long-term mechanism on social responsibility and gradually employed the sustainable development strategy in each business section to perform corporate social responsibility.

in respect of strategic management, fosun pharma kept strengthening its internal control and optimizing its governance structure whilst putting more emphasis on the communications with stakeholders.

as a pharmaceutical and healthcare company, product quality and environmental protection is the key to the sustainable development of the company and the whole society. from the research and development of new products, purchase of raw materials, production and sales of premium pharmaceutical and healthcare products, fosun pharma has been improving its skills and production process, extending product lifecycle and lower costs, so as to provide premium healthcare products and services and increase their availability. with regard to the environmental protection, the company actively implemented related policies in 2012 and urged on members of the production companies to examine the clean production. with regard to health and safety, fosun pharma established managing committee of ehs system at headquarters level, defining the correlation between the headquarters and members of the production companies in the system. the committee conducted routine management on the ehs system, including the management, control and supervision of member production companies in terms of their ehs situation.

in respect of the sustainable development of its staff, fosun pharma adopted a staff-oriented human resources system which pays close attention to the staff’s career development and actively developed a strong talent pool. meanwhile, fosun pharma also worked with educational charities in the means of endowment, internship opportunities and cooperation with colleges, with an aim to cultivate talents for the sake of the society.

chen qiyu, chairman of fosun pharma, said, “in the coming year, fosun pharma will actively perform social responsibility through earnest endeavors and try to achieve a balance between the company and the society as well as the environment. we strive to become one of the most socially responsible and sustainable companies in china and in the world.

this is the fourth consecutive year that fosun pharma authorized sgs, an independent external institution with no conflict of interest to conduct independent verification service. apart from fosun pharma’s headquarter, the onsite verification also covers subsidiary company wanbang biopharmaceuticals co., ltd., demonstrating the openness, transparency and reliability of the report. in its assurance statement, sgs claimed, “the information and data contained in the fosun pharma 2012 corporate social responsibility report are all accurate, reliable and provides a fair and balanced representation of fosun pharma’s sustainability activities. we feel satisfactory. the verification team is of the opinion that the report can be utilized by fosun pharma’s stakeholders.”

this report is compiled in simplified chinese, english and traditional chinese and printed in both chinese and english. furthermore, the printing paper of this report is certified by the program for the endorsement of forest certification (pefc).

fosun pharma has been releasing its corporate social responsibility report annually together with its annual report (a-share) since it started the practice in 2009. in 2012, fosun pharma 2011 corporate social responsibility report was awarded aa ratings and ranked first in pharmaceutical and biological industry for four consecutive years and came in third among 582 a-share listed companies on the evaluation board with a score of 81.88 points. additionally, fosun pharma 2010 corporate social responsibility report, featured by “a pharmaceutical company’s detailed disclosure of product information to protect the safety and health of consumers, and of stakeholders’ opinions”, was chosen into the case study analysis of 2011 a-share listed companies’ corporate social responsibility blue book.