a collaboration between united foundation for children’s health and cisco systems, inc. to develop the “remote clinical and medical training program”-凯发k8娱乐app下载

a collaboration between united foundation for children’s health and cisco systems, inc. to develop the “remote clinical and medical training program”-凯发k8娱乐app下载


a collaboration between united foundation for children’s health and cisco systems, inc. to develop the “remote clinical and medical training program”

enhancing local medical treatments and promoting “children health care” benefiting remote areas

11 july 2013 fosun pharma announced that the group’s subsidiary, united foundation of children’s health (“ufch”) announced its collaboration with cisco systems, inc. (“cisco”) on the project of “remote clinical and medical training program”.

with its advanced communication technologies and clinical experiences in the medical field, cisco donated rmb1,000,000 for the project and built a remote network platform based on the cisco webex system. the program builds on both companies’ expertise in charity projects management and outstanding practices. it also draws valuable resources from the companies’ technological and medical services, striving to improve china’s local medical treatment and provide children in remote areas with a better living environment.

cisco’s and ufch’s “remote clinical and medical training program” covers four aspects, including remote medical diagnosis, enhancing medical skills for doctors in remote areas, special educator training and medical care information exchange. ufch is responsible for medical services support such as medical care and professional medical consulting, and operations services support such as project systems settings and surgery coordination. through cisco’s collaborative network platform, ufch is able to call upon beijing’s prominent medical experts as well as chengdu’s local doctors, ensuring the latter is equipped with professional advices when performing complex diagnosis. in turn, this will help improve the local medical standards and service, providing local children with the opportunity to receive professional diagnosis and treatment. in addition, chengdu’s special education teachers will receive professional knowledge and skills training through cisco’s collaborative network platform to reduce differences between special needs areas and developed areas, and improve local special education standards.

furthermore, through cisco’s network platform, ufch conducts online consultations with chengdu women’s and children’s hospital and huaxi hospital, publishes medical reports and images through cisco webex and organizes conferences between doctors from different regions and tracks, hoping to illustrate the convenience and changes brought to both patients and doctors through what cisco advocates “internet of everything”.

it is reported that cisco and ufch chose chengdu children welfare institute as their first operation location for the “remote clinical and medical training program”. chengdu welfare institute is an orphanage for orphans, abandoned infants and homeless children with disabilities. it also provides medical care, rehabilitation, special education and nursing services. as one of the largest welfare institute in china, chengdu children welfare institute currently houses around 600 orphans and children with disabilities aged 0-14 years old. as of now, the program has provided 15 children from chengdu children welfare institute with diagnosis through its three-way online consultation system between local chengdu doctors, beijing medical experts and patients diagnosed with diseases such as complex congenital heart disease, hepatoblastoma, skin disease and lymphatic malfunctions.

ms. roberta lipson, president of chindex international, inc. and chairman of united family care, said, “at present, many children in remote areas in china suffer from congenital diseases, expensive medical expenses. inaccurate medical diagnosis often causes these children to miss the prime time for medical attention. the goal of this program, also in line with ufch’s purpose, aims to help children from remote areas to receive high quality medical services, provide parents with related information and advices, and educate local medical support groups with professional training. we believe that our collaboration with cisco will certainly promote partnership between medical experts and organizations from different levels, and accomplishing the goal to provide a better medical service and living environment for children living in remote areas.”

cisco has always prioritized social responsibilities as its corporate culture and the foundation of its global corporate strategy. dr. yu, senior vice president, public affairs in china region of cisco, said, “this collaboration between cisco and united foundation for children’s health on “remote clinical and medical training program” in chengdu children welfare institute is a vital part of cisco’s global project “children health care”. this program is cisco actively contributing to china’s charity, symbolizing a long term commitment rooted to china. cisco is dedicated to commit to our next generation’s health care and promote a reform in our medical system. through its medical advancement, cisco made it possible for sick children in remote areas to access high quality healthcare. while providing patients in remote areas with medical resources, we hope to educate more medical workers in the west with professional training through our collaboration with ufch. at the same time, through the network platform, we aim to improve local medical support and efficiency, and embody cisco’s trademark of internet of everything”.

about united foundation for children’s health (“ufch”)
united foundation for children’s health (“ufch”), founded in 2001, is a subsidiary charity organization under united family healthcare dedicated to provide medical services for children in need for the past 12 years. throughout this period, united foundation for children’s health provided children in china with medical assistance, education training and welfare funding.

additional information about ufch is available at http://www.unitedfoundation.org.

about cisco systems, inc. (“cisco”)
cisco systems, inc. (nasdaq: csco) is a worldwide it corporation. it helps companies take advantages of upcoming opportunities and accomplish great achievement through cisco’s realisation of internet of everything.

additional information about cisco is available at http://www.cisco.com.