first “future star” public welfare primary school went into service-凯发k8娱乐app下载

first “future star” public welfare primary school went into service-凯发k8娱乐app下载


first “future star” public welfare primary school went into service

in the morning of sep. 13, the inauguration & opening ceremony of the fuling “future star” public welfare primary school was held at xin county in henan province. zhou wenyue, chairman of supervisory board of fosun pharma, kuang shengliang, the county head-level cadre of xin county, shan liguang, the member of the standing committee of xin county and secretary of political-legal committee, zhu yonghe and chen zetian, leaders of education & sports bureau of xin county, xiong weizheng, board chairman of lingrui pharma, the deputy general manager wu xizhen as well as leaders from industry cluster districts and xinji town of xin county were invited to the ceremony.

fuling “future star” primary school in xin county is a whole-day primary school which is funded and founded jointly by fosun pharma and lingrui pharma, and also the first hope primary school project established per fosun pharma “future star” public welfare plan. the school is located in the peixi village to the south of xin county; it covers an area of 17.5 mu, and with scale of 2 courses and 12 classes, which could accommodate almost 1000 pupils. the cornerstone lying of the school was completed on oct. 22, 2010; the school building started its construction after bidding on may 2011, so far there is a teaching building with floor space of 1883 ㎡, and a complex building of 1035 ㎡, with total investment of rmb3.9 million; there are also supporting facilities with total spending of rmb1.11 million, including toilets of 152 ㎡, enclosures of 240m, harden floor of 2300 ㎡, drainage ditch of 200m, and other projects such as school gates and the guard room etc. the school was completed and went into service on august 30 this year, and recruited pupils for the first time. now there are already four classes; the inauguration of the school is going to resolve the “big class” problem with county primary schools in xin county to a great extent.

being a successful example of starting an enterprise, fosun pharma is always faithful to its education commitment. since its setting up of fosun pharma scholarship and research grants in life sciences school in fudan university in 2006, fosun pharma worked out “future star” public welfare education plan specially in july 2010, and with initial capital of rmb2 million to support the construction of hope primary school and setting up of scholarship, so as to contribute to china's education and to reward the society; as an advanced unit in national spiritual civilization construction, lingrui pharma has been playing active role in supporting education development, and has funded two lingrui hope primary schools in xin county of henan province and ganluo district in sichuan province, and was involved in the construction of lingrui “future star” primary school; besides, it has set up “lingrui scholarship projects” successively in the guanghua school of management, peking university, the school of medicine of henan university, the school of medicine of zhengzhou university, henan university of traditional chinese medicine, etc; and has carried out poverty alleviation and studying & teaching assisting activities including “golden autumn education assistance” and “golden autumn dream fulfillment” projects, so as to assist excellent students with millions yuan in total and help them finish their studies.

as one of the major contents for fosun pharma “future star” public welfare education plan, fosun pharma has contributed rmb1.9 million for the construction of main project and supporting facilities of fuling “future star” primary school in xin county.

during the ceremony, wang guoqing, the headmaster of fuling “future star” primary school introduced the construction of the school; student representatives delivered speeches and paid great appreciation to fosun pharma, lingrui pharma and people from all walks of life for their good deeds in caring for education course and children in old liberated area; they were also determined to study hard and to become talented so as to reward the caring and love from the hometown and people from all circles of life.

during the ceremony, xiong weizheng, chairman of lingrui pharma pointed out that the construction and service of fuling “future star” primary school in xin county had great significance for the old liberated area xin county to integrate local education resources, especially to the rational layout of teaching centers in the county area; he expressed his sincere expectations to the school’s educational work and described in detail the special support, caring and kindness of fosun pharma to the construction of the school; zhou wenyue, chairman of the board of supervisors of fosun pharma, on behalf of fosun pharma, conveyed his congratulations to the successful completion and service of fuling “future star” primary school in xin county; after a brief introduction to the implementation situation of fosun pharma public welfare educational plan, he expressed highest hope to the school’s excellent educational work and cultivation of good talents; he wished that the faculty can do their jobs well, students study hard, so as to cultivate more good talents for our nation.

kuang shengliang, the county chief-level cadre of xin county, on behalf of xin county committee and county government, congratulated the school on its completion and service; he introduced the educational and teaching development for recent years in xin county, and expressed deep gratitude to the good deeds of fosun pharma on caring and valuing the education cause in the old liberated area, and made clear requests to the local administrative department on education and the school on improving school’s infrastructure construction and carrying out teaching works; he also stated that xin county committee and county government would pay close attention and support the construction and development of fuling “future star” primary school as they always did.

fosun pharma and lingrui pharma donated 100 sets of school supplies respectively to the fuling “future star” primary school during the ceremony.

the leaders and guests attended the ceremony also inaugurated the completed fuling “future star” primary school in xin county.