fosun pharma ranked the first china’s next global giants top 100 by acca-凯发k8娱乐app下载

fosun pharma ranked the first china’s next global giants top 100 by acca-凯发k8娱乐app下载


fosun pharma ranked the first china’s next global giants top 100 by acca

on 17 september, the “china’s next global giants top 100” was first announced at the acca cfo forum hosted by the association of chartered certified accountants. fosun pharma was on the list and invited by the organizer to share its model as the next global giant case study. ms. guan xiaohui, the chief accountant and general manager of finance department of fosun pharma, attended the event as the guest speaker on behalf of the company and introduced the successful business model and strategic development of fosun pharma.

acca (the association of chartered certified accountants) is the global body for professional accountant. it offers business-related, first-choice qualification to those specialists who are engaged in the fields of finance, accountancy and management. the year’s next global giants top 100 was firstly launched at the forum, it was jointly organized by acca and lancaster university in england, which aimed to find out the 100 chinese enterprises that are most likely to become the global giants in the next three to five years. the selection is based on a set of professional research theory by professor andrew atherton, vice-principal of lancaster university, which is an overall ranking of the enterprises by score and comparison in accordance with revenue, business growth situation, company position in domestic industry and pace of international development in recent years.

the 100 newly established enterprises are active in various industries, and distributed in different areas in china. many of the enterprises with headquarters in beijing, shanghai, or in coastal regions like guangdong, zhejiang and jiangsu provinces, which reflecting the current economic development conditions of these regions. it also reflects the increasing significance of services industry and internet business in china from the types of enterprises.

with reference to the introduction by the organiser, the 100 enterprises may not be well-known in overseas market now, but it is expected that they will be able to enter the global market. the enterprises involve numerous industries and with differentiated development strategies. however, most of them have built up successful business models, and are now striving for the adjustment of their business models in order to graft their success to the global market outside china. in 2012, china has already jumped to the third largest foreign direct investment country in the world, with an aggregate of 16,000 chinese investment bodies which have established 22,000 overseas enterprises in 179 countries and regions. many chinese enterprises have become giants under globalization like lenovo and haier, and many chinese enterprises are constantly developing. acca will join hands with “china next global giants top 100” and embark on the road of successful globalization.