fosun pharma group releases enterprise corporate responsibility report 2010-凯发k8娱乐app下载

fosun pharma group releases enterprise corporate responsibility report 2010-凯发k8娱乐app下载


fosun pharma group releases enterprise corporate responsibility report 2010

on 25th march, 2011, along with the releasing of annual report, shanghai fosun pharmaceutical (group) co. ltd. released its corporate social responsibility report 2010, which illustrates the company’s sustainable development strategy and demonstrates fosun pharma’s measures and progress in aspects of strategy development, corporate governance, economic responsibility, and quality safety, environmental protection as well as occupational health and safety, staff development, and social commonweal work.

this report presents the impetus from fosun pharma on sustainable development in aspects of the social responsibility concept products and services, talents, and interested parties’ participation, etc. in 2010, fosun pharma sticks to the concept of innovation for good health and pushes forward the enterprise’s long-term mechanism on social responsibility. meanwhile, the company gradually employs the sustainable development strategy in each business section, through the sustainable development on pharmaceutical and healthcare productsand services, as well as talents, to practice the corporate social responsibility.

fosun pharma continues strengthen product’s quality and safety, moreover, the company establishes and put efforts on ehs system in the entire group. by continuously stepping up its efforts on pharmaceutical r&d and paying attention to extend the lifecycles for products and technology, fosun pharma offers more safe, effective and affordable products to promote the popularization for pharmaceutical and health products as well as its services.

on the road of standard, transparent and professional development, fosun pharma keeps strengthen its internal control and perfects governance structure. under the governance framework of listed company, fosun pharma has put more attention to the dialog with stakeholders to create mutual trust, and furthermore, to jointly promote the sustainable and healthy development for company and its supply chains.

in respect of public welfare, fosun pharma continues to actively participate the international assistance activities, such as assisting africa on anti-malarial activities and offering anti-malarial prevention and control training to the people in developing countries. moreover, by supporting education and scientific researches, as well as the service to communities, fosun pharma initiates the future star public welfare flan to devote company’s own strength to the society.

yao fang, president of fosun pharma, says the company has been always insisting that enterprise shall excellently accomplish two reports, in which the financial report represents its achievements in economic efficiency, meanwhile, the social responsibility reports demonstrates all faces of corporate sustainable development and reflects harmonious coexistence between the enterprise and society.furthermore, on the sustainable development, fosun pharma is trying to well hold the enterprise’s lifecycle, which is the sustainable development for the products, technology, talents, to keep vitality of the enterprise.

this report’s compiling is obeying the sustainable development reporting guidelines (g3 version) from global reporting initiative (hereinafter referred to as gri), and taking the gri g3 version as the auditing basis, which shows fosun pharma’s confidence in proceeding the report. it is the consecutive second year that fosun pharma authorizes external institution without benefits conflict to work solo and undertake the independent test and verify service for the company. except for fosun pharma’s headquarter, the auditing scope also included t onsite audit of its holding subsidiary-wanbang biopharmaceuticals co., ltd..these procedures show the open, transparency and authentic of the report. the chinese and english versions of this report shall be published respectively, and the english version is a concise summary of its chinese version. furthermore, the printing paper of this report is certified by the program for the endorsement of forest certification (pefc).

in 2010, fosun pharmaissued coporate social responsibility report 2009 at the first time.from then on, the report is scheduled to release annually, together withits annual report’s. coporate social responsibility report for 2009 and 2010 had been awarded as the best social responsibility report in pharmaceutical and biological products industry for consecutive two years.

“being part of chinese pharmaceutical industry, fosun pharma willnot only continue our own sustainable development, but also works on building up excellent enterprises alliance and sharing the sustainability concept to help the enterprisesgrow together, so as to create a healthy industrial ecosystem and gather the strength for industrial development, ” chairman of fosun pharma chen qiyu said, “we look forward to witnessing the future of the birth of world-class enterprises in chinese pharmaceutical industry.”