“future star” public primary school launched in henan province-凯发k8娱乐app下载

“future star” public primary school launched in henan province-凯发k8娱乐app下载


“future star” public primary school launched in henan province

oct. 22nd, the ground breaking ceremony of “fuling future star primary school” project was launched in xinxian county, henan province, which is jointly established by shanghai fosun pharmaceutical (group) co., ltd., henan lingrui pharmaceutical co., ltd., and henan xinxian county government. taking it as one of main projects among its public interest plan “future star”, fosun pharma donated rmb 1.9 million which will be used to build principal constructions and ancillary facilities.

fuling future star primary school locates in peixi village, the south part of xinxian county, henan province. on nearly 20 mu land of construction, one comprehensive building and one teaching building as well as ancillary facilities are supposed to be built. the planning construction area is about 4, 000 square meters while the total cost involved is over rmb 5 million. rmb 1.9 million donated by fosun pharma will be used to build main construction and ancillary facilities, a library and its facilities as well as future star scholarship. also lingrui pharmaceutical co., ltd. will donate comparable funds to support the project. after being finished, the school could hold as many as one thousand students, which will relieve the overfull classes in xinxian county primary school.

taking the corporate values “to better oneself; to maintain family harmony; to commence one’s career; to foster the prosperity of the world”, fosun pharma has been always returning to the society with a gratitude heart. as a typical successful entrepreneur, fosun pharma has been supporting education cause. in 2006, fosun pharma set up scholarship for students and teachers in life science college of shanghai fudan university, which has provided financial assistances to nearly one hundred outstanding students and teachers.

to enlarge its supports in education cause, this year fosun pharma set up the public education plan which was named “future star”, and donated rmb 2 million startup investments into the first two projects, including fuling future star primary school and fosun pharma scholarship in shenyang pharmaceutical and science university, central china technology university, sichuan university (west china college). the scholarship helps to create a comfortable studying environment for the students and encourage their studying passion, while meanwhile it promotes the development of china pharmaceutical industry and educates and cultivates many talents.