fosun pharmaceutical’s aid to yushu earthquake zone by millions of drugs-凯发k8娱乐app下载

fosun pharmaceutical’s aid to yushu earthquake zone by millions of drugs-凯发k8娱乐app下载


fosun pharmaceutical’s aid to yushu earthquake zone by millions of drugs

the emergency supplies is being delivered to yushu earthquake zone in a steady stream, but the shortage of medical instruments and the drugs is still a prominent problem in quake relief work for the problems as crowded traffic. aiming at this serious problem, fosun group has donated the drugs of disaster relief with the value of rmb 1 million to yushu earthquake zone in qinghai together with fosun pharmaceutical and quickly delivered them to disaster area by special plane of hainan airlines on april 17th.

the casualties of “4.14” yushu earthquake in qinghai is rising. as of 10 a.m. on april 17th, the casualties have been up to 11,849, including the most seriously injured people of 1,297. a doctor has told to the journalist in disaster site that the drugs and medical instrument are in short supply. in addition, yushu county is the plague focus of marmota himalayan, and the marmots will be out of the hole in advance after the earthquake, so the occurrence of plague hazard will be increased. at present, the ministry of health has released emergency notice to seriously control food safety and drinking water hygiene and safety in the disaster area.

on april 16, fosun group works with fosun pharmaceutical to emergently allocate a batch of really needed antibiotics as penicillin and cephalosporins capsules, disinfectants as 84 disinfectant fluids and bleaching powder as well as hemostasis for haemostasis and influenza from for me pharmacy. meanwhile, the pharmaceutical enterprises and sales outlets of fosun pharmaceutical in chengdu and chongqing have worked over time to raise the drugs from multiple sources and organize the goods sources of the drugs for disaster relief. however, yushu is located in plateau area, and long distance makes the traffic extremely inconvenient, so how to deliver the drugs up to 4.5 ton to the disaster area at the top speed has been the most difficulty problem. mr. liang xinjun, vice president and ceo of fosun group, has remarked that time is life, fosun will deliver these drugs to the disaster area at any cost as soon as possible. the righteous cause is in the front of us and love is gathered again. hainan airlines gives support at this time to undertake air transportation of all drugs for disaster relief. after this batch of the drugs are delivered to xining, qinghai provincial party committee and china social entrepreneur foundation, which have been at the scene for disaster relief at earlier time, will accept those drugs and quickly dispatch them to disaster-medical-aid stations through green channel. as of press time, this batch of the drugs has been arrived in xining caojiabao airport.

at present, fosun has established disaster assistance response team as well as launched the affiliated enterprises and the employees under fosun pharmaceutical, fosun group and yuyuan tourist mart co., ltd. to work out and support the disaster area. additionally, fosun has passed the initiatives issued by the institutions and organizations as china youth entrepreneur association, shanghai municipal federation of industry and commerce, shanghai expo private entrepreneur hall to china entrepreneurs and appealed more people to love, gather the strength and go hand in hand with the people in disaster area to overcome the difficulties. now, the committee members of pharmaceutical industry of youth entrepreneur association has received large quantities of disaster relief goods as drugs and tents from the enterprises as century star investment, fuzheng pharma, shi zhentang medicine, tibet medicine, kangli medicine, yuyang health, quanzhou pharma and qingdao jianqiaowan etc..

fosun group always takes fulfillment of enterprise citizen responsibility as our duty over the years and has donated a total of money and materials about rmb 500 million to the society since its establishment. at the time of wenchuan earthquake in 2008, fosun group unites with the subordinated enterprises to donate the money and drugs about rmb 40 million to the disaster areas. fosun pharmaceutical has been dedicated for research and training on combating the malaria for years and provided anti-malarial drugs to sixty million people all over the world every year, as well as helped the poor people in africa and won high appraisal from who and health organizations of the countries in the world.