wang qunbin elected as one of “sixty important persons of 60-凯发k8娱乐app下载

wang qunbin elected as one of “sixty important persons of 60-凯发k8娱乐app下载


wang qunbin elected as one of “sixty important persons of 60-year china pharmaceutical history”

the list of “sixty important persons of 60-year china pharmaceutical history”, an activity undertaken by sohu health channel & the magazine of healthcare executive and sponsored by thirteen industrial associations such as china pharmaceutical enterprises association, was announced in chengdu on nov. 24. as a representative of outstanding young private entrepreneurs emerging after china’s reform and opening-up, wang qunbin, chairman of fosun pharma, was honorable among the list of “sixty persons”.

this activity reviewed the 60-year development history of china pharmaceutical industry through three charters including dawn of the history, discarding the old ways of pharmaceutical industry in favor of the new and a magnificent paean. among the 154 candidates, wang qunbin, as the role model of university students who started their own businesses based on their knowledge after china’s reform and opening-up, was elected on the list together with deng rongxian, the discover of artemisinin, qi moujia & tong cun, who have made important contributions to the development of the national healthcare reform as well as the r&d and industrialized production of the first localized penicillin, liu baolin & wang jun, the explorer of the pharmaceutical circulation reform, feng gensheng, the meritorious person in the inheritance and spread of tcm, liu weizhi, the godfather of donkey-hide gelatin, as well as xu jingren, the king of private l pharmaceutical sector.

wang qunbin said that this honor belonged to the venture team of fosun pharma, its staff, as well as all enterprises who had cooperated and established joint-ventures with it, expressing gratitude to the great age and the care and the support of all circles of the society at the awarding ceremony

cherishing the honor and facing the future, wang qunbin pointed out that fosun pharma will submit not only annual financial report, but also the enterprise’s social responsibility report satisfying the society and performing the enterprise’s social responsibility in the area of economy, environmental protection, production quality and safety, staff-related & customer-related affairs, etc. it will make continuous efforts centering on these two excellent academic reports to become a first-class enterprise domestically and even internationally as well as a respectable and sustainable enterprise.

guo yunpei, the vice chairman of china pharmaceutical enterprises association, said that the activity of “sixty important persons of 60-year china pharmaceutical history” was not only the commemoration of the achievements of the predecessors who had promoted the development of the pharmaceutical industry, but also the encouragement to the young practitioners of the industry. he pointed out that it was impossible to duplicate the sixty persons in 60-year china pharmaceutical history, praising the sixty faces as sixty wonderful industrial name cards which reflected a historical painting of china pharmaceutical industry with distinctive characteristics.