learn from lei feng—-凯发k8娱乐app下载

learn from lei feng—-凯发k8娱乐app下载


learn from lei feng—- fosun pharma’s volunteers activity

in march, 2012, fosun pharma’s party committee, jointed with fosun pharma’s corporate culture committee (abbreviated as ccc), as well as its youth league committee and volunteers team, has encouraged all staff to learn from lei feng spirit. this proposition received the warmest responses from employees. its subsidiaries also organized volunteers service teams and offered assistance at neighborhood communities, metro stations, pharmacies to servethe society.

on march 5, under the support of its subsidiary for me pharmacy, fosun pharma’s volunteers came to the for me pharmacy located at zhonghua road. to offer free services including professional health consultanting from occupational pharmacist, blood pressure measuring, as well as enlisting membership card for senior citizens and health care kit give-away.

fosun pharma’s youth league committee cadre wang lina also attended this activity, she said: "learn from lei feng actually can be showed everywhere, whether the heart of ‘never do nothing due to the benefit is little’ still exists is the key, if yes, irrespective of the era, it is lei feng spirit."

fosun pharma’s labor union chairman and ccc member shi jiajue said: "i think to an enterprise with gratitude cultural atmosphere itself like fosun pharma, organize these activities make sense, which also creates a growth space for youth people. we will consider teaming up with more volunteers in future to help our society and devote our value through different means. we will always uphold the volunteering spirit of devotion, friendly affection, mutual assistance, and improvement!"