fosunpharma was honored as “golden bee enterprise” again-凯发k8娱乐app下载

fosunpharma was honored as “golden bee enterprise” again-凯发k8娱乐app下载


fosunpharma was honored as “golden bee enterprise” again

the 7th international forum of corporate social responsibility and -2011"golden bee corporate social responsibility • china roll" release ceremony was hold on june 5 in beijing. at the ceremony, fosun pharma was honored as “golden bee enterprise” again, and its social responsibility case titled “bringing china’s antimalarial drugs into africa” was also included in the 2011 golden bee responsible competitiveness case set.

golden bee csr china honor • roll was co-sponsored by the wto tribune, the sino-german sustainable development trade and corporate code of conduct project, the global compact network joint european corporate social responsibility europe (csr europe), japan's corporate citizens council (cbcc) and human resource management association (shrm china), and has been held for consecutive six times since 2006. more than 350 enterprises participated in the accessing, and the authoritative expert committee for review composed of the relevant government departments, experts and scholars carried out strict primary election, secondary election, interviews and final election procedures of all criteria and indicators. fosun pharma, with its outstanding performance in social responsibility field, was re-elected to the golden bee companies’ roll”.

since 2007, more than 1,000 enterprises have participated in gold bee-like enterprise searching activities, and more than 100 companies came aboard the “golden bee corporate social responsibility • china roll.

attention and support of malaria in africa has always been the long-standing policy of our government. as one of the outstanding representatives of china's private-owned enterprises, guilin pharmaceutical co., ltd. affiliated to fosun pharma independently researched and developed artemisia apiacea drugs, and passed the supplier qualification (pq) certification of the world health organization (wto), and thus established the cheaper industry chain with more availability. currently, anti-malaria drugs of guilin pharmaceutical co., ltd. have been registered in nearly 30 countries in africa and asia and legally sold, becoming the first company that brought local chinese anti-malarial drugs into the african market. guilin pharmaceutical co., ltd. also supports africa quinine-artesunate malaria test by sponsoring free test drugs to prove artesunate efficacy. meanwhile, fosun pharma assisted the ministry of commerce of china in organizing the seventh consecutive “malaria prevention and control seminar for developing countries”, which enhanced the quality knowledge and management level of the african anti-abuse drugs and trained hundreds of anti-malarial talents.
"self-improvement, teamwork, career development and social responsibility " is the enterprise spirit of fosun pharma and even reflects the responsibility principles of fosun pharma. fosun pharma has included fulfilling their social responsibilities into the long-term strategy of enterprise development. as an important part of the strategy of sustainable development, the public welfare system of fosun pharma is planned to name by “future star” wholly, fosun pharma hope to assume social responsibility to feedback the society by supporting education, funding research, medicine and health community services, donations, disaster assistance and so on on the basis of the republic welfare education program of “future star”. in the business development process, with a gratitude attitude, fosun pharma always strives to become a company to serve the society, government, employees and shareholders.

according to sponsor introduction, honey bees is one of the world's most ancient species and have been living on the earth for 120 million years. honey bees collect and brew honey for their own survival while human enjoy the honey, which achieve pollination for plant, promote the reproduction of the plant and bring their own flower source. such mode of coexistence of honey bees with the nature in a harmonious and win-win manner is a responsible mode of existence and is a model of sustainable survival and development patterns on the earth. "golden bee-like enterprise" is the representative and symbol of an enterprise with a sustainable development model.