giving back to the society with a grateful heart-凯发k8娱乐app下载

giving back to the society with a grateful heart-凯发k8娱乐app下载


giving back to the society with a grateful heart

return the society with a grateful heart

since its establishment, fosun pharma has been creating social wealth and sincerely serving the community. its manufacturers and retail enterprises have provided conveniences to residents in community and the general public through services such as health support, donation, expo volunteer service, and participation in public welfare activities.

leveraging advantages to help the community

the retail pharmacies under fosun pharma have regularly provided free blood pressure measurement for the hypertensive, free blood sugar measurement for the diabetics and hints on food consultation, and have offered door-to-door services for special groups like the elders.
retail pharmacies and manufacturers

the retail pharmacies have set up a relevant membership system, while members can enjoy discount, point for gift, free measurement on blood pressure, weight and waistline, medicine decoction and medicine order by phone, 24h service, message notification for promotion, health record, computer record of drug used and disease tracking management, and health knowledge seminar.

golden elephant pharmacy under fosun pharma has set up chinese medical clinic in its stores, to provide consultation services by traditional chinese medicine experts every day, and arrange the experts in internal medicine, surgery, dermatology, gynaecology and paediatrics to treat different diseases with the aid of medical services such as manipulation, massage, acupuncture & moxibustion and scraping. one-stop services are provided for communities, including diagnosis and treatment, prescription and free medicine decoction, which facilitate the treatment and recovery of patients, also save time and money of patients. for me pharmacy has implemented non-drug pilot project and taken three categories as priorities, including oral care, household assessment equipment and nourishing & beautifying, to provide more conveniences for residents in the community by non-drug choices.
the manufacturers of fosun pharma have also taken parts by using its product edge in serving residents in the community. wanbang biopharmaceuticals has established diabetes mellitus service centre to provide free check for residents in the community and free consultation for the patients. the centre has carried out “education class” for 9 years consecutively and invited experts to introduce health knowledge to club members. in addition, “wanbang health” journal has been issued every quarter to popularize health knowledge. wanbang diabetes mellitus service centre is now a spiritual retreat and rehabilitation centre for diabetics.

contributing to malaria fighting by money and medicine donation

in 2010, fosun pharma has undertaken 11 anti-malaria drug projects in africa, and provided anti-malaria drugs for 1,700,000 persons with a value of rmb 17,000,000 to mozambique, equatorial guinea, sudan, central africa, chad, congo, mali, liberia, ghana, mauritania and gabon. it also visited central africa, chad, benin, gabon and liberia along with the ministry of commerce to provide anti-malaria drugs and rapid malaria diagnosis reagent for 2,000 persons in business office of chinese embassy in those five countries.
fosun pharma sponsored us$20,000 for “world malaria day” held by sudan government to publicize the knowledge of malaria control, and provided artesunate injections for 2,000 patients of infectious diseases institute in uganda for clinical test so as to help its government control the malaria. meanwhile, fosun pharma has freely supported the africa quinine artesunate malaria trial project in the charge of a globally recognized chief expert in malaria study field, and offered 6,900 artesunate injections to tanzania, kenya, rwanda, uganda, mozambique, congo, gambia and nigeria to help them establish the database of “local clinical data in africa, especially for children” on the efficacy study of anti-malaria drugs, and the company proactively took part in high quality clinical test arising from the changes of medical practices stated in “the lancet” and dedicated to the mission of world health to ensure wide coverage of study analysis in different regions around the world.

in may 2010, fosun pharma communicated and exchanged with 29 officials on malaria control, who are from the medical systems of 16 countries suffered the malaria. it has consecutively organized “malaria control seminar for the officials” for six times and cultivated 202 talents on anti-malaria for 56 developing countries. each training class has been completed with high quality according to the requirements and are highly recognized by the participators and the ministry of commerce of all countries. in september 2010, it first held “drug quality training for developing countries” by cooperating with the ministry of commerce and state food and drug administration (sfda). 29 officials from public health system and drug supervision system of 12 asian and african countries have promoted the cooperation on food supervision through the training and propagation and then jointly promoted their level and technical methods on drug quality testing and management field.

a provider of medical information, health service and medicine

during shanghai expo, fosun group has built 2010 shanghai expo private enterprises pavilion, uniting 15 excellent private enterprises in china to show their unlimited vitality and potential power to the public at home and abroad. as a member enterprise of fosun group, fosun pharma has fully taken part in the preparation, construction, reception and promotion of private enterprises pavilion and shown sustained development concept of the pharmaceutical enterprises to the society through the platform of “private enterprises pavilion”.
medical service point established by fosun pharma has become a major attraction in the services of world expo. the expo site has 5 medical points offering services to ensure each visitor can better visit world expo. as a “medical health service provider of shanghai world expo private enterprises pavilion”, for me pharmacy under fosun pharma has distributed 30,000 world expo dragon boat festival health gift packs to the tourists free of charge and initiated the activity of “visit world expo with for me, smell fragrant rice dumpling, taste the culture and live dragon boat festival”.