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share medical resources, create healthy china-凯发k8娱乐app下载


share medical resources, create healthy china

on april 20, "share medical resources, create healthy china; mingyi charity operation donation and mingyi charity announcement conference” was held in the great hall of the people as scheduled. the large-scale charity activity was launched by mingyi zhudao, together with several non-profit organisations, entrepreneurs, doctor representatives and charity star, striving for the new pattern of sharing charity resources based on the general policy of “national health, well-off society”.

as the initiator of the charity activity, founder and ceo of mingyi zhudao su shu told his story about healthcare. su shu was born in a medical family, and he started a business at home due to a phone call two years ago. his grandpa suffered from lung cancer, so su shu came back home fromsingaporefor consulting doctors everywhere. however, even if he was born in a medical family, he still failed to find a good doctor for his grandpa, which deeply hurt su shu. he thought he could do nothing in a medical family, and there were so many families without medical resources, how many tragedies happened? the charity activity was supported by a large number of public-spirited people.

president of chinese medicine education association huang zhengming deeply analyzed current status of insufficient chinese medical resources, unreasonable distribution and scanty quality resources, and shared his own opinion about the influences of “internet ” on charity and healthcare. he thought mingyi charity alliance was a good pattern, which scientifically used the advantages of internet to attract a large number of high-end medical workers to join as a volunteer, enhancing the current medical charity activities of professional and convenient and being in line with the internet’s value of democracy and sharing. it provided an idea for our country to solve the problem of uneven distribution of medical resources and the difficulty of seeing a doctor.

with well-known enterprises as a support, publicalliancepattern was recognized

based on recognition to mingyi charity alliance pattern, director of fosun group and chairman of fosun pharma chen qiyu, founder of zhen fund xu xiaoping, general manager of baidu medical division li zheng, founder of yueyin venture capital zheng yufen, president of hanfor guo lu and other entrepreneurs also participated in the charity activity and shared the ties with mingyi zhudao and charity. with the support of these well-known enterprises, mingyi charity alliance would give full play to its power.

chen qiyu said mingyi charity alliance was just a start as a common charity in chinese medical and healthcare industry. through 20 years of development, fosun had devoted over 600 million yuan to society. when it comes to fosun's social responsibility, medical and healthcare were always the general trend and theme. fosun hoped that they could focus their own medical resources and advantages in charity, and do something to attract more resources to participate in the cause.


at the beginning of mingyi charity alliance, the main subject would be poor children and orphans. chancheng district central hospital of foshan city attached to fosun pharma would be responsible for love operation, including pediatric spinal deformity correction and orthopedic operation for poor children and orphans.

with front-line doctor’s backing, specialist value was more manifest

as doctors were the core of healthcare, mingyi charity declaration definitely needed hospital representatives and doctor representatives. former vice-president of anzhen hospital bai shugong, president of shanghai neuromedical center guo hui, professor of guangzhou women and children’s medical center chen xinxin highly recognized mingyi charity alliance pattern as the front-line ones of medical area. actually, doctors were the core part of charity healthcare and many doctors were enthusiastic about charity. this activity exactly gave them a good opportunity to participate in charity, so that doctors’ valve was better reflected.

non-profit organisation alliancemakes more efficient resource allocation

shanghai fosun foundation, chunhui children foundation and other public-spirited people attended the activity and made a speech. we found that the pointcut for each non-profit organisation is not the same. if different types of non-profit organisations became a union, difficulty of seeing a doctor for patients would be greatly reduced. under the driving of "sharing charity" pattern, more non-profit organisations worked closely together to help patients better.

celebrity effect makes charity activities spread fast

original host in cctv and founder of “love • forever” foundation lang yongchun, and producer and host of the famous health programs “super clinic" qian jing jointly hosted this activity. the famous actor and mingyi charity ambassador wang yan, and famous voice master and director qiao zhen soulfully recited the poem "heart of grass" on site. there was no boundary to public welfare, and only all sectors of society participated in would it become more powerful.

operation donation makes public welfare powerful

co-founder of mingyi zhudao mr. wu yong shared a story where a child suffering from hepatoblastoma had been rescued, and announced the activity received a total of 365 operation donations from 85 experts. in subsequent micro-interviews, non-profit organisations, entrepreneurs, charity stars discussed how to give play to the effectiveness of charity through advantages of internet to help patients.

shanghai united family healthcare, remebot minimally invasive robot, unisrobo and many other medical enterprises also donated operation cost and surgical instruments. mingyi zhudao was responsible for arranging quality doctors, while non-profit hospitals were responsible for performing operations.

share medical resources, create healthychina

in addition to operation donations, mingyi zhudao together with non-profit organisations, entrepreneurs, doctors, charity stars and other social forces jointly carried out health volunteer service, including love surgery, medical training, health lectures, medicine donation, disease treatment, etc., which would vigorously improve medical level of small and medium-sized cities, western backward areas, and rural areas, provide freely high-end health volunteer service for common people who couldn’t afford to consult a doctor, and help the less developed regions to upgrade the overall level and quality of medical service. the activity would further strengthen cooperation between high quality hospitals and local medical institutions in big cities like beijing and shanghai, and cooperation between medical institutions at the provincial level and ones at the lower level, promoting high quality medical resources to lower, the healthy development of medical and health undertakings in china, and full implementation of grading treatment and doctor multiple practice policies.

mingyi charity alliance pattern scientifically used the advantages of internet to attract a large number of high-end medical workers to join as a volunteer, enhancing the current medical charity activities of professional and convenient.


part of the text extracts from mingyi zhudao