“fudan-fosun” health dream fund award ceremony held for carrying forward the fine tradition of respecting teachers and valuing education

on june 15, “fudan-fosun” health dream fund award ceremony was held in the lecture hall on the first floor of mingdaobuildingin fenglin campus offudanuniversity.

a video titled “teachers’ professional morality lights medical career” was played to show the fine tradition of respecting teachers and valuing education in the ceremony. in face of the needs of the development of national medical and health career and human physical and mental health, shanghai medical college of fudan university undertakes the responsibility and mission of cultivating medical talent with human benevolence, scientific spirit, professional quality and international horizon.

in nearly 90 years, what has been handed down from generation to generation among the teachers and students in shanghai medical college of fudan university is professional knowledge and skills and more importantly, the concept of serving people. mr. fu hua from theschoolofpublic healthhas taken charge of the teaching of “preventive medicine” for a long time. he thinks that the most important job is to give good lectures. in order to let students know the reasons for diseases, understand patients’ real needs and establish the idea of prevention, he gives lectures in communities. via a series of teaching reform, “preventive medicine” has become a national classic course and made available to the nation in the platform of chinese university mooc.

a good school boasts good teachers and good teachers can benefit students for a lifelong time. teachers are dedicated, teach by personal example and verbal instruction and cultivate generations of angels in white who serve people. jiang sunfang, a teacher ofzhongshanhospital, is engaged in general practice education. 98% of the general practitioners they have cultivated are active in the communities, streets, villages and the residents’ homes, devoted themselves to the health dream of people. the words of geng daoying, a teacher ofhuashanhospital, are impressive, “the doctors of the imaging department not just check films. it is our humanistic care to the patients.” cheng xunjia, a teacher ofschoolofbasic medical science, once said, “to treat the patients, the first priority is to check the samples sent by the clinical laboratory, which is more urgent than the experiment we are conducting.”

to further carry forward the fine tradition of respecting teachers and valuing education, to set the example of loving students and valuing education, to commend the excellent teachers who boast a solid foundation, exquisite business and extraordinary teaching effect and care about students’ growth and to form a good work atmosphere of dedication, making efforts and teaching and education, “fudan-fosun” health dream fund set up shanghai medical school excellent teacher award and hospital management award in the medical field. according to the recommendation of all departments and affiliated hospitals and the deliberation of jury committee, 30 persons won 2015 shanghai medical school excellent teacher award and 8 persons won hospital management award. the leaders present presented the certificate of honor to the winners and the representative of the winners delivered an acceptance speech. yin dongmei, deputy party secretary offudanuniversity, and chen qiyu, vice president of the fosun group and president of fosunpharma, made a speech.

li keqiang, premier of the state council, put forward the concept of “healthy china” in the 3rd session of the 12th national people’s congress for the first time. he pointed out: “health is people’s basic need, and we should continuously improve the quality of medical service and create healthy china.” to create “healthy china”, we need the participation of the medical industry and the wisdom and collaborative innovation and development of the government, health industry circles and academic circles and need to play the leading role of the academic circles and need.


about shanghai fosun pharmaceutical (group) co.,ltd.

fosun group, founded in 1992, was college students’ model of entrepreneurial success and now has become a global investment group. to extend the gratitude to alma mater’s cultivation, to help the development and reform of national medical health under the new normal and to boost the development of the health industry, the fosun group set up “fudan-fosun health dream fund” via shanghai fosun public welfare foundation in the 110th anniversary offudanuniversity. the fund is mainly used for the construction of “no. 1 medical research building” offudanuniversity, supporting the medical development strategy and rewarding the outstanding groups and individuals in medical research, innovation management, achievement transformation, educational development and other fields. adhering to the mission of serving the nation and people, the fund aims to spread the concept of health, boost the strategy of health, enhance the level of medical services, benefit common people and realize “china dream” by “healthy dream”.