mini mba discussed wanbang biopharma’s development strategy-凯发k8娱乐app下载

mini mba discussed wanbang biopharma’s development strategy-凯发k8娱乐app下载


mini mba discussed wanbang biopharma’s development strategy

from august 15th to 18th, the ‘mini mba’ participants, under the guidance of leaders of wanbang biopharma, subsidiary of fosun pharma, offered solutions to the existing problems of development through in-depth analysis of wanbang biopharma development strategy.

chairman wu yifang, president wu shibin, and vice-president li bo of wanbang biopharma attended this activity and gave their guidance. wu yifang introduced wanbang’s strategy and four urgent problems to be solved, including management mode improvement, competition and growth strategy optimization, core capacity building and subsidiaries management, all of which were related to corporate development and attracted much attention. the participants discussed these topics with their instructors’ help and reported their findings.

with respect to establishing strategic ability by wanbang, the participant li mei, standing deputy general manager of shanghai sun tech pharmaceutical co., ltd stated suggestion that the company adopt a structure of business development plus project manager to introduce new product. in terms of integration of wanbang folon, yu tongle, general manager of investment department ii of fosun pharma suggested sending local backbones who are in conformity with the company’s development philosophy and culture to wanbang for training and job rotation; meanwhile building staff career planning system, thus to gradually form a good management echelon. however, xie ya, production director of wanbang biopharma agent company believed that it is more suitable for wanbang to focus on endocrinology and metabolism it excels in and the company should pay much attention on its flagship products sales. finally, as to the participant’s heated discussion and deliberation, wanbang biopharma leaders offered their comments and made deployment of subsequent work.

it was the fifth session of mini mba program. ‘mini mba’, short for mid-level executives’ comprehensive leadership program of fosun pharma, is a large comprehensive talent training program for mid-level executives and business experts based on the future development strategy and talent training needs.

this program started in november 2012 and will end in q2, 2014, during which the participants had/will have a session once every two month, who should finish their individual and team reports in combination with practical corporate problems, as well as various challenging competitions to cultivate and show their personal and team leadership.