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introduces international top-凯发k8娱乐app下载


introduces international top-notch pure encapsulations product series, with an aim of tapping the huge potential of china’s high-end dietary supplements market

11th october 2013, fosun announced a cooperation with atrium innovations inc. (“atrium”) to introduce international top-notch pure encapsulations products series into china. this is aimed at entering into high-end dietary supplements market.

atrium is an international well-known prevention and comprehensive healthcare pharmaceutical products company listed on toronto stock exchange, canada (tsx: atb). this is another strategic cooperation between the group and atrium after they established a joint venture company, shanghai fusheng dietary biotechnology co. ltd. (“fusheng biotechnology”) in june.

fusheng biotechnology, as a non-wholly owned subsidiary of fosun pharma, is in charge of executing this cooperation.

the dietary supplements market in china achieved significant growth in recent years with the sales revenue over rmb100 billion. due to rapid development of the online sales platform and increasing popularity of online consumption, the group has accelerated its exploration of online marketing.

the pure encapsulations products introduced this time will be sold through fusheng biotechnology’s official website (, aiming to provide a convenient and effective one-stop healthcare products platform for consumers.

at the same time, the group also actively explores innovative online sales model in order to provide consumers with more high value-added consuming experience by consolidating the advantage of its national sales network. the group endeavors to raise the popularity and market share of pure encapsulations products, and build a solid foundation for its expansion in china’s healthcare products market in future.

pure encapsulations, atrium’s high-end dietary supplements, is one of the top brands among global dietary supplements. the product enjoys five core advantages: exquisite raw material, accurate formula, pure ingredient, low allergy, high bioavailability. pure encapsulations has been consistently recommended by over 36,000 medical doctors over the past 20 years, and consumed by us government officials and professional athletes. the product is well supported by clinical reports and track records. .

mr. chen qiyu, chairman of fosun pharma, said, “fosun pharma is pleased to cooperate with atrium by introducing into china the pure encapsulations products series, one of the international top-notch dietary supplements brands. this will not only benefit more domestic consumers, but also facilitate the group to enrich its pharmaceutical product portfolio and to capture the development opportunities of china’s dietary supplements market through the cooperation with a world class pharmaceutical company with tremendous capability.”

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about shanghai fosun pharmaceutical (group) co., ltd.
fosun pharma is a leading healthcare company in the prc. the group was established in 1994 with headquarters located in shanghai, and was listed on the shanghai stock exchange in 1998. in october 2012, though the international financial environment was unfavorable, the company successfully completed offering and listing h shares in hong kong. as a result, the company has listings in both the a share market and the h share market. the group has achieved significant results with strengthened corporate governance and investor relationship management. in addition to the sse 180 index, csi 300 index, sse dividend index and sse corporate governance index, fosun pharma is also included in the sse private enterprise 50 index, sse social responsibility index and cctv financial 50 index. according to ims health incorporated ("ims"), the group was one of the top five domestic pharmaceutical companies in the prc by revenue in the pharmaceutical manufacturing segment in 2011. the group's business operations strategically cover multiple important segments in the healthcare industry value chain, with business segments including pharmaceutical manufacturing, pharmaceutical distribution and retail, healthcare services and diagnostic products and medical devices.

about atrium innovation inc(“atrium”)
established in 1999, atrium was listed on toronto stock exchange, canada in 2007(tsx: atb).atrium is the top-10 nutrition industry company in north america district, and one of the leading pharmaceutical company in global precaution and comprehensive healthcare pharmaceutical products field. it has a top research and development team, consisting of many medical experts and doctors. meanwhile, atrium owns and manages a series of top nutrition supplements brands that are recognized by industrial experts, including pure encapsulations, douglas laboratories, wobenzym and garden of life etc., which are also sold to 35 countries across the world.

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