claron names chindex exclusive distributor for navient navigation system throughout greater china-凯发k8娱乐app下载

claron names chindex exclusive distributor for navient navigation system throughout greater china-凯发k8娱乐app下载


claron names chindex exclusive distributor for navient navigation system throughout greater china

november 1, 2013, toronto and beijing —chindex medical limited has been named exclusive distributor throughout china for claron technology’s navient navigation system for endoscopic surgery of the sinuses and base of the skull. uniquely affordable and easy-to-use, navient eliminates the complexities and cost of competing navigation systems and makes the benefits of endoscopic navigation practical for even routine surgeries. while maintaining the highest standards of accuracy and care, the device has the lowest purchase price and operating cost of any otolaryngological navigation system on the market due to its breakthrough, fully passive optical tracking and compact design.

“navient is an innovative product that meets a significant need in china,” says elyse beth silverberg, chief operating officer of chindex medical limited. “surgical navigation systems are the wave of the future in china and globally. especially when compared with other neuro and ent navigation systems, the purchase price, simplicity of use and streamlined design make navient an excellent fit for the rapidly growing healthcare system in china, particularly as capital expenditures are often tightly scrutinized. we look forward to significant success with this innovative technology.”

reuven soraya, claron vice-president of sales and marketing, comments, “chindex is one of china’s premiere providers of medical equipment and supplies throughout the country. with 30 years of experience in the country, chindex medical is extremely knowledgeable about the needs and culture of medicine in china, particularly in the navigation domain. we believe our new partnership will help bring navient into the mainstream in the country’s rapidly evolving healthcare system and look forward to a long and successful relationship with the firm.”

the versatile device can track any tool used in an endoscopic procedure. its compact design integrates directly into an endoscopic cart, making it extremely portable and with easy set-up. the device also eliminates the cumbersome connectors, complicated video integration and costly disposables required by other systems. a few key elements are disinfected between use and the device is ready for the next surgery.

navient relies on a computerized volumetric ct or mri image of the patient skull and visualizes the location of surgical instruments relative to patient anatomy to guide interventions.

according to soraya, navient generated extensive interest at the recent american academy of otolaryngology (aao) conference in vancouver, where claron was approached for a variety of partnerships. “navient overcomes many of the issues with other endoscopic surgical navigation systems that have kept the technology out of routine use. we believe that going forward navient can make the benefits of precise navigation through delicate anatomical areas available to a far broader range of medical sites, even those with limited budgets and in developing countries.”

peter catalano, md, chief of otolaryngology at st. elizabeth’s medical center in boston, is an internationally regarded ent surgeon who closely consulted on navient’s development and has performed procedures with the device. he comments, “navient’s focus is right on target. claron understands the end user—both physicians and support staff in the or. the system is very accurate but is also compact, easily portable, friendly for all users and extremely reliable. unlike many systems, registering the patient and proceeding with the procedure is quick and simple.”

catalano also notes, “cumbersome and complex systems just don’t make sense for many people. the lower purchase price and the elimination of per-procedure costs make navient affordable to almost any facility performing sinus surgery. the device makes navigation technology available anywhere and anytime, including in private offices and in emerging economies.”

soraya adds, “claron is grateful for the services of the trade commissionaires in the canadian embassy in beijing, who assisted us with arranging this distributor relationship.”

navient is currently for investigational use only. regulatory approvals are pending.

about claron technology, inc.
claron is dedicated to the application of image processing in medicine. founded in 2001, it has been actively involved in the development of surgical guidance technology since 2002. the claron team developed and commercialized a range of surgical navigation systems. claron invented the microntracker; a unique position sensor based on visible light. microntracker is now utilized in navient and other navigation systems to provide sub-millimeter accuracy in positioning surgical tools. in addition, claron has extensive experience in developing systems that help clinicians visualize, analyze, and securely distribute medical images on a variety of different platforms from desktop to smartphones. for more details, visit or email us at

about chindex medical limited
chindex medical limited (cml) is a leading supplier of medical equipment. with over 1500 employees worldwide, headquarters located in the people’s republic of china and offices in the us and other global locations, the company’s strategy is to expand its cross-cultural reach by providing leading edge healthcare technologies and quality products to greater china’s professional communities with pride. cml offers a unique full-service distribution platform to manufacturers of medical devices, from product registration to marketing and sales – both direct and through a closely-managed network of carefully-selected sub dealers – to warehousing and sales in local currency, clinical support, installation and after-sales service provided by factory-trained engineers. additionally, cml owns and manufactures several patented technologies, including proprietary blood banking and transfusion equipment, wound closure products, and general surgery theater instruments. the r&d and manufacturing processes utilized in the chinese factories are at international levels, and the products are sold in more than 70 countries in europe and the americas. for additional information, see the company’s website at