vice mayor zhou bo made onsite survey at fosun pharma-凯发k8娱乐app下载

vice mayor zhou bo made onsite survey at fosun pharma-凯发k8娱乐app下载


vice mayor zhou bo made onsite survey at fosun pharma

on the afternoon of dec. 19th, a team led by shanghai vice mayor zhou bo together with municipal government deputy secretary-general xu yibo and leaders from municipal development and reform commission, municipal economy and information technology commission, municipal science and technology commission, municipal health and family planning commission, municipal medical insurance office, municipal planning and land resources bureau, municipal food and drug administration and zhangjiang group, made onsite survey at fosun pharma, when chairman chen qiyu of fosun pharma group and related departmental heads gave their reports. they also discussed and communicated on the issues to be coordinated. chairman chen qiyu and related business persons in charge attended the meeting.

during the meeting, the innovative business mode and strategic initiatives of fosun pharma were unanimously recognized. vice mayor zhou bo and other leaders acknowledged the important role of fosun pharma as an excellent representative of shanghai private enterprises in the development of shanghai bio-pharma industry; encouraged fosun pharma to further expand its development in shanghai, which will in the future, get full support from municipal commissions, municipal government and various commissions, offices and bureaus concerned as always.

zhou bo emphasized that the bio-pharma industry is an emerging strategic pillar industry in shanghai, and that the development of fosun pharma makes sense in developing the new round of action plan. shanghai municipal government is to well serve private enterprises through full support to the development of mixed ownership economy. shanghai municipal government has established portals to specifically serve private enterprises, and stated that, first, the municipal government will actively nurture local mncs; in this aspect fosun pharma has demonstrated itself by exploring and endeavors to find its own way.

second, for the next step of developing bio-pharma, enterprises do need a variety of approaches to develop. to better serve private enterprises, the government should listen to the needs and advices from enterprises when developing policies; provide entrepreneur-salon-like platforms etc. to enable timely exchange of information.
third, fosun pharma is expected to continue its development based in shanghai, with the focus on core r&d and high-end manufacturing, to jointly put the fosun pharma strategy in place, thus contribute to the development of shanghai bio-pharma industry.