chairman chen qiyu attended bfa pharmaceutical ceo roundtable-凯发k8娱乐app下载

chairman chen qiyu attended bfa pharmaceutical ceo roundtable-凯发k8娱乐app下载


chairman chen qiyu attended bfa pharmaceutical ceo roundtable

from 16:30 to 18:30 in the afternoon of april 9th, boao forum for asia annual conference 2014: pharmaceutical ceo roundtable: ethics amid market complexities, co-organized by china pharmaceutical industry research and development association (sino-phirda) was held in boao, hainan province. zhu hongren, member of party committee of ministry of industry and information technology and chief engineer, zheng hong, director of department of national drug policy and essential medicine system, national health and family planning commission, feng ming, director of hainan food and drug administration, xu xiaonan, director of department of medium-sized and small enterprises, bureau of industry and information technology presented at the roundtable upon invitation and exchanged ideas with delegates from pharmaceutical industry.

chen qiyu, chairman of fosun pharma, together with more than 20 senior managers from jiangsu hengrui medicine, simcere, guangxi wuzhou zhongheng group, betta pharma among other pharmaceutical companies and delegates from china association of enterprises with foreign investment r&d-board pharmaceutical association committee (rdpac) have joined the discussion of the roundtable. song ruilin, executive president of sino-phirda, hosted the conference. with the theme of strengthening social responsibility, optimizing eco-environment and promoting innovative development of pharmaceutical industry, the conference aimed to discuss how pharmaceutical industry and enterprises should develop and act in the context of commercial bribery happening in the industry.

the roundtable discussed group by group the following three issues: how pharmaceutical industry and companies carry out production and operating activities and fulfill social responsibilities according to the requirements of laws and business ethics; how the government can establish a policy environment encouraging the innovative development in pharmaceutical industry; and how to establish a communication platform and mechanism for the government and pharmaceutical industry and companies, and create an open, transparent and efficient market environment. representatives of each group made a key-note speech on their respective issues and led discussions.

chairman chen joined the discussion on how government can establish a policy environment encouraging the innovative development in pharmaceutical industry, and made a speech concluding discussions on this topic. entrepreneurs all agreed that pharmaceutical enterprises should perform self-discipline, abide by the law and continue to standardize production and operation. meanwhile, they also suggested that the government should build and maintain a sound eco-environment for pharmaceutical industry, and provide more opportunities for outstanding, law-abiding and compliant enterprises so that they could perform social responsibility better, laying a solid material foundation for medical reform and public health.

at the end of the meeting, delegates adopted consensus on strengthening industry self-regulation, facilitating communication and optimizing eco-environment for the pharmaceutical industry, with main contents as following:

1、call upon all stakeholders in pharmaceutical industry to follow the principle of being healthcare- and patient-centered, being honest and independent, abiding by the law, being transparent and taking responsibilities, and contribute to safeguard people’s lives and health, promote the healthy and sustainable development of pharmaceutical industry around the world.

2、appeal to the government to perfect policies related to drug r&d, production, operation, purchasing, payment and usage, strictly enforce laws, and carry out administration according to laws, so that they could establish a fair, equitable eco-environment conducive to the innovative development of medicine, and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises following the code of business ethics.

3、propose to give full play to the role of industry associations, and establish a communication platform for the government and the pharmaceutical industry, making their respective efforts to improve the drug administration system, optimize the eco-environment and ultimately promote the healthy and considerable development of the industry and improve people’s health level.

this is the first time for boao to set up a conference for pharmaceutical industry during the past 14 years since its establishment, achieving the goal of establishing a communication platform for the government and leaders in the industry. the fruit of the meeting will contribute to establish a good pharmaceutical eco-environment, further promote the innovation, industrialization and globalization of china’s pharmaceutical industry and ultimately serve for the development of the industry and people’s health.