fosun pharma won the “award of best business model”-凯发k8娱乐app下载

fosun pharma won the “award of best business model”-凯发k8娱乐app下载


fosun pharma won the “award of best business model”

on 18 july, the sixth xin cai fu award ceremony of “business models with the most growth potential” organized by xin cai fu magazine was held in shenzhen, in which fosun pharma won the “award of best business model”. the award selection is intended to select the role models as well as providing reference in the market. it builds a platform that connects companies with capital and promotes a new wave of innovation in chinese business models.

fosun pharma insists in implementing its strategy of organic growth with external expansion and integrated business operation, which strategically operates in several key sectors on the value-chain of the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry, including pharmaceutical research and development, manufacturing, distribution and retailing, medical devices and diagnostic products as well as healthcare services. while focusing on pharmaceutical manufacturing, fosun pharma actively develops its presence in healthcare services, and has laid solid foundation in terms of domestic high-end and specialty healthcare services. fosun pharma also reinforces its leading position in medical diagnosis and medical devices, with a bid to becoming a first-tier enterprise in the global mainstream pharmaceutical and healthcare market.

it is reported that xin cai fu began to launch the selection of “business models with most growth potential” from 2009. by conducting in-depth reports of award winning companies, deeply analyzing the changing trends of business models and revealing business truths, its research cases have caused a huge sensation among capital communities, business circles and academia.