chen qiyu: how shall pharmaceutical companies embrace the internet era-凯发k8娱乐app下载

chen qiyu: how shall pharmaceutical companies embrace the internet era-凯发k8娱乐app下载


chen qiyu: how shall pharmaceutical companies embrace the internet era

recently, 2014 china health summit was closed in xiaoshan, hangzhou. directed by publicity division of national health and family planning commission, hosted by health newspaper office, co-sponsored by hangzhou people’s government, undertaken by xiaoshan people’s government and chinese wisdom and health valley, and supported by mobile health institute of health newspaper and zhejiang health information center, the summit, with medical science in the mobile internet era as the theme, carried out extensive and in-depth discussion on health informatization building, mobile health policy and industry among other cutting-edge topics. more than 1200 guests and representatives from across china attended the summit.

as an invited speaker, chen qiyu, chairman of fosun pharma addressed the summit with his keynote speech named pharmaceutical companies in the mobile internet era, in which he mentioned that the rapid development of internet and mobile internet and the decentralization and flat features have brought tremendous changes to the healthcare industry. in such a context, pharmaceutical companies no matter in which part of the supply chain must consider changes in all aspects of marketing approach, payment term, information system, logistics system and transmission mode through internet-based thinking. as e-business is introduced to the pharmaceutical supply for example, a new supply chain system has been formed, which integrates logistics, capital and information flows and arouses new demands in collaboration, communication and cost control within the enterprises. he also stated that two types of companies will survive the internet era and win sustainable development - large pharmaceutical companies with solid expertise, brand image and abundant resources to make full use of the internet; start-ups with a good awareness of the internet.

yu guangjun, director of shanghai children's hospital; lv yubo, honorary director of guangdong hospital of traditional chinese medicine; lin jinghua, vp of tencent group; liao jieyuan, ceo of; and zhang chengyu, director of shanghai international medical center were also invited to give their speeches on changes in medical service and health management in the internet era, etc.

successfully completed and highly appreciated by the participants, the 2014 china health summit played an active role as a platform to facilitate discussion, exchange and share of information, and was reported by over 40 mainstream media including people's daily, xinhua news agency and cctv.