fosun pharma attended “2014 china's private hospitals development annual conference”-凯发k8娱乐app下载

fosun pharma attended “2014 china's private hospitals development annual conference”-凯发k8娱乐app下载


fosun pharma attended “2014 china's private hospitals development annual conference”

on october 25-27, the “2014 china's private hospitals development annual conference” was held in nanjing, with “the transformation, positioning and development of non-public medical institutions” as the theme. over 1000 guests, including directors of national key private and public hospitals, senior managers of pharmaceutical companies and medical investment agency decision makers were present at the conference. mr. shen xudong, the director assistant of fosun pharma’s medical service management committee attended the conference as a guest speaker.

during the conference, manager experts, deans, medical professors and other guests from national famous hospitals made keynote speeches, and conducted multi-angle, multi-level analysis, discussion and dialogue communication with investors, managers and industry colleagues from national private medical institutions focusing on the 10 important topics stated in the annual conference. in the “chinese medical market under international perspective” sub-forum, mr. shen xudong delivered a speech titled the integration of fosun pharma’s medical service investment with operation. he introduced to the attendants respectively on fosun pharma’s medical service development strategy, investment logic and post-investment operation integration. he indicated that medical service is a sector that the company strives to develop; the company is going to accelerate the medical service sector layout in the future, committing to be a national leading medical service group company in terms of scale, hospital management and personnel training mechanism. when it comes to investment logic, the company plans to focus on the development of high-end medical service in tier i cities including beijing, shanghai, guangzhou and shenzhen, while promotes comprehensive medical service and parts of specialty medical service in most tier ii & iii cities and some eastern tier iv cities throughout the country. the company is going to form hospital chain through rapid expansion of the hospital network, and by means of full resource sharing with other sectors of fosun, to jointly build a unique fosun health honeycomb city. while in terms of post-investment operation integration, it makes mid-long term overall planning for monomer hospitals, and achieves differential regional distribution development; and in terms of medical service quality, marketing strategy and legal service, it focuses on internal operation management, shares expert resources and integrates industry value chain, so as to maximize the efficiency of medical service management.

the annual conference achieved complete success. it has played an important platform role for exchange, sharing and information transmission, and actively promoted the development of private hospital industry. as supporting media,,,,, hospital newspaper and the sina health channel have made in-depth report to this conference.

it is learned that the “china's private hospitals development annual conference” which is jointly run by cha private hospital management branch with relevant professional organizations, with “lead the industry development, and promote innovative change” as the purpose, is the largest private hospital industry’s top event with most authority and influence. started from the year 2002 and as an industry unique brand event, it has received high attention and recognition from the government, the industry and all sectors of the community with distinct pragmatic, efficient and innovative spirit, and is honored as the vane for china’s private hospital development.