chen qiyu: the global positioning and future of china’s pharmaceutical enterprises-凯发k8娱乐app下载

chen qiyu: the global positioning and future of china’s pharmaceutical enterprises-凯发k8娱乐app下载


chen qiyu: the global positioning and future of china’s pharmaceutical enterprises

on november 3rd, the 9th china growing pharmaceutical enterprise development forum sponsored by china medical pharmaceutical material association (cmpma) was held in bangkok. more than 800 people attended the forum, including medical experts from both china and thailand, cmpma members and journalists from the two countries. mr. chen qiyu, chairman of fosun pharma, attended the forum and delivered a keynote speech as the newly elected cmpma president.

themed “seizing new business opportunities in china and around the world”, the forum focused on the opportunities and challenges in chinese and global pharmaceutical markets as well as regional economic cooperation. it made comprehensive discussion on the new situation of “market” and “policy”, identified new business opportunities, and sought new countermeasures, so as to expand international cooperation and economic and trade exchanges in the medical industry.

in the forum, chairman chen qiyu delivered a speech entitled “the global positioning and future of china’s pharmaceutical enterprises”. he made detailed interpretation to the global status and the future of china’s pharmaceutical enterprises from a macro perspective. he suggested that the pharmaceutical sector is a core part of china's medical industry, and through continuous development china's pharmaceutical enterprises possessed good prospect and opportunities in global market. for the developing markets, the development of generic drug market is the main driving force in the global pharmaceutical market; while in the treatment field, with the gradual growth of china’s chronic patient group and further advance of medical reform, the market of chronic disease medicines, such as those for diabetes, high blood pressure etc. is going to expand with good prospects. he is also confident that china's pharmaceutical enterprises has got strong international competitiveness with continuous improvement of innovation, management, r&d capability and marketing. in the meantime, he stressed that for china's pharmaceutical enterprises to enter the global market, they must emphasize on r&d, marketing, and have strong m&a and integration ability; only in this way could they maintain a leading position in the global pharmaceutical market, bring more parity value and high quality drugs to patients all over the world, and make more contribution to the human health.

at the forum, delegates also made speeches such as new business opportunities under the background of asean integration, macroeconomic and industry trends forward looking, etc., to discuss and share views on the issues such as development prospects and industrial innovation of chinese medicinein asean countries, which has proposed deep thoughts and inspirations for the pharmaceutical industry under current situation.

china growing pharmaceutical enterprise development forum was founded in november 2006, which was an industry organization voluntarily initiated and established by up, mid and downstream growing enterprises in the pharmaceutical industry, and is now a national level association. the forum, with "communication, cooperation, development and win-win" as the organizational purpose, is a win-win platform established for growing pharmaceutical enterprises. it constantly adjusts and develops through reform, innovation and selection, actively explores the industrial upgrading and transformation, expands new market for traditional industries, encourages enterprises to grow bigger, stronger and better, so as to prompt a healthy development of pharmaceutical industry.