guilin pharma assists west africa in anti-凯发k8娱乐app下载

guilin pharma assists west africa in anti-凯发k8娱乐app下载


guilin pharma assists west africa in anti-ebola campaign by securing the provision of anti-malaria drugs and reducing cross infection in the ebola-stricken region

since the first ebola case at the end of 2013, a new round of ebola is wreaking havoc and spreading across west africa, which has infected over 10,000 people and caused deaths of nearly 50% patients.

sub-saharan africa has become the world’s riskiest place with infectious diseases because of poor economic and medical conditions. except the recent outbreak of ebola, hiv, tuberculosis and malaria are the most commonly seen infectious diseases in the region, causing millions of deaths annually. malaria alone kills up to 800,000 people annually. even the menacing ebola, when compared to the total death caused from malaria, the number of total deaths seems only a drop in the bucket - - total deaths number from ebola is merely the number of deaths caused by malaria in three days. yet it is no doubt that ebola is obviously a more dangerous disease in terms of death rate and treatment methods.

however, in addition to the high prevalence rate of those who have contact with the patients and high death rate due to lack of effective drugs, the international community has higher concerns with the poor public health conditions in ebola-affected region. the outbreak of ebola makes the already fragile medical environment in the region more precarious, and the out-of-control public health system may cause the breakout of malaria and other commonly seen infectious diseases. on the other hand, patients with malaria are more easily infected by ebola as they have lower immunity than normal people. therefore, timely and effective anti-malaria treatment could help reduce cross infection rate.

since this august, guilin pharma has received hundreds of thousands orders of artesunate for injection from unicef, who and msf. upon receipt of the first emergent order from “ebola-affected region”, guilin pharma promptly promised to the international community that it will give the highest priority to the order and deliver the supplies within the shortest time, in order to contribute a little effort for the victory of global anti-ebola campaign.

as of now, guilin pharma has supplied more than 200,000 portions of artesunate injection to ebola-stricken regions, such as sierra leone, liberia and guinea, to cure local patients with severe malaria, this move has effectively prevented the increase of deaths caused by the increase in the number of severe malaria patients as a result of worsened medical conditions and also reduced cross infection.

in cote d’ivoire, a west african country close to the ebola-stricken region, guilin pharma participated at the country’s ebola reaction and coordination conference as an enterprise partner with local national health ministry to actively take part in local public health issues.