sse’s “i am a shareholder” event comes to fosun pharma-凯发k8娱乐app下载

sse’s “i am a shareholder” event comes to fosun pharma-凯发k8娱乐app下载


sse’s “i am a shareholder” event comes to fosun pharma

on the afternoon of novemer 21, the event of “i am a shareholder-small and medium-scale investors’ visit to listed companies”, sponsored by shanghai stock exhcange, came to shanghai fosun pharmaceutical (group) co., ltd. (“fosun pharma”). around 30 small and medium-scale investors and over 20 media reporters walked into fosun pharma’s headquarters building in caohejing development zone, and had in-depth and sincere conversations with the company’s managment, including chairman chen qiyu and senior vice president wang cheng.

 for purpose of investor education, protection and service, the “i am a shareholder” event, a key job put forward by shanghai stock exchange in 2013, is designed to further help build investors’ awarness of shareholders rights, estalbish multiple communication channles between investors and listed companies, and guide and regulate listed companies’investor relations managment. the events has been to over 40 listed companies so far since last year. at the season 3 online audition and event expert committee disccusion for this year’s “i am a shareholder” event, fosun pharma ranked at the top in terms of attention received.

 meeting with those investors on the afternoon of november 21, chen qiyu briefed them on the latest development of the company’s r&d innovation and medical service business segments, and answered questions they are concerned about as to the company’s performance growth, industry chain layout and mobile medical care. earlier that day, investors and media also visited fosun pharma’s biopharmaceutical industry jinshan base for some details of its operation.

 chen qiyu thanked investors’ consistent support to fosun pharma over the course of 16 years since its 1998 a-share listing and 2012 h-share listing. currently, with an outstanding shareholder structure and defined strategic objective in place, fosun pharma, on the strenght of its current rmb45 billion a-share market capitalization, will continue to promote innovation, service, integration and internalization, with a view to become a leading company in global mainstream medical and health care marekt.

 as a leading pharmaceutical and health care industry group in china, fosun pharma is committed to the whole industry chain development across the pharmaceutical and health care industry. while focusing on the development of its core pharmaceutical business, fosun pharma proactively develops medical care business and further consolidate its competitiveness in medical diagnois and medical equipment. currently, fosun pharma has established a solid foundation in china’s high-end and specialized medical services.

 during recent years, fosun pharma has initiated transformation to cope with market changes, proactively advanced innovation strategy and timely optimized organizational structure, established and improved mangament system, which has promoted the company’s efficient operation across the board and sent the company on steady growth.

 for the first three quarters of of the year, the company recored revenue of rmb8.661 billion, a yoy increase of 22.50%; realized rmb1.575billion net profit attributable to the shareholders of the listed company, indicating a sustantial increase as compared with 2013. the company has paid out dividends for 14 consecutive years since its listing. investors have gained real return thanks to the substantial rise in net profit and continuous divident payouts.

 chen qiyu added that, the event, sponsored by shanghai stock exchange, will help small and medium-scale investors to gain a more in-depth and thorough picture of fosun pharma, and also make listed companies be better aware of the appeals of investors, especial those of small and medium-scale investors, as well as their suggestions and expecations of the company. the company will continue to promote investors service by means of well-communicated events with investors through on-the-scene communication and online roadshows.