fosun pharma releases “2020 innovation program” on its 20th anniversary-凯发k8娱乐app下载

fosun pharma releases “2020 innovation program” on its 20th anniversary-凯发k8娱乐app下载


fosun pharma releases “2020 innovation program” on its 20th anniversary

on 27 december 2014, in fosun pharma’s headquarters building in yishan road, more than 100 distinguished guests from government, academic communities, industries, media and fosun group all gathered together to observe the grand opening of fosun pharma’s 20th anniversary ceremony and extended their best wishes. during the ceremony, fosun pharma released its “13th five-year strategic plan” for innovation and r&d, and conducted the opening ceremony of “fosun science park” and the launching ceremony of “fosun pharma-shanghai henlius biotech industrialization base”.

government officials from shanghai municipal people’s congress, cppcc shanghai committee, putuo district people’s government, xuhui district people’s government, shanghai food and drug administration, shanghai committee of science and technology attended the grand ceremony on december 27. “in the coming 20 years, china’s big health industry will embrace explosive growth where non-public medical care will play a more significant and proactive role”, indicated liang xinjun in his speech, vice-chairman and chief operating officer of fosun group, “we believe fosun pharma is both confident and able to continue leading the development of non-public medical care business.”

fosun group’s chairman chen qiyu commented that, for shanghai’s planning of building a green and innovative city, bio-pharmaceuticals industry is among the strategically new and pillar industries for the “transformational development driven by innovation”. “fosun pharma needs to step up its r&d efforts and strengthen innovation to grow into the most valuable pharmaceutical enterprise”, chen qiyu pointed out that, big health is the most promising new industry opportunity with the most potential to outperform internet industry in the years ahead, and it’s exactly fosun pharma’s dream to capitalize on the opportunity. “first, we need to surpass our rivals in terms of business model, products and innovation. second, we need to deliver world-wide innovation while based in china, a step to help accomplish our goal.” he said, “only in this way could we contribute towards the healthcare of humanity and chinese people, and better guarantee and satisfy people’s needs for medical care and healthcare.”

during the ceremony, doctor shao ying, vice president & director of r&d center, released “fosun pharma 2020 r&d innovation program”. reviewing fosun pharma’s r&d innovation achievements made in the 12th five-year plan period, doctor shao ying introduced the company’s “13th five-year strategic plan” for innovation and r&d. according to the program, in the 13th five-year plan period fosun pharma will establish a shanghai-based global innovation and r&d system, striving to become a pharmaceutical enterprise with globalized innovation and r&d capabilities.

according to shao ying, the company has established a unique “4 1” r&d platform, mainly focused on hard-to-copy generics, small molecule chemical innovative drugs, large molecule biopharmaceutical drugs and specialized formulations, to proactively catch up with world’s cutting-edge pharmaceutical industry technology.

 “fosun pharma needs to fully integrate itself into global innovation and r&d “ecological circle” to build both an international r&d industry chain and a leading domestic biotech drug r&d center”, said shao ying, “we have to set up a relatively competitive micromolecule chemical new medicine, bring in internationally leading technology and team, build a differentiated r&d center and complete the construction of a innovation and r&d center for traditional chinese medicine.”

during the ceremony, fosun group’s president wang qunbin, along with several government officials, unveiled the “fosun science park” plate together. those distinguished guests also witnessed the official launch of “fosun pharma-shanghai henlius biotech industrialization base”.

shanghai henlius biotech monoclonal antibody drugs gmp production base project, a significant unit for fosun pharma’s bio-pharmaceuticals r&d, was officially launched on 22 december 2014. the production base, with a planned gfa of 10,000 square meters, is designed and renovated in line with gmp standards as required in china, europe and the u.s., and also adopts the internationally advanced one-time production technology. upon completion, the project is able to satisfy the commercial production of at least 5 of shanghai henlius biotech’s existing monoclonal antibody drugs which have been submitted for approval.
over 20 years’ development, fosun pharma now has become a leading pharmaceutical and healthcare industry group in china, with its businesses strategically covering various major nodes in pharmaceutical and healthcare industry, and boasts a national-level company technology center and an internationalized r&d team. looking into the future, fosun pharma will continue to adhere to the brand philosophy of continuous innovation for good health, and persist in the development strategy of “organic growth, coupled with m&a and integration” to become a leading enterprise in world’s mainstream pharmaceutical and healthcare market.

on that afternoon, two summits, i.e. “pharmaceutical r&d innovation summit” and “2014 china’s medical system and non-public medical cause development summit”, were held in the conference room of fosun pharma’s headquarters building, where present guests exchanged views and carried out in-depth discussions on world-wide innovation, the reform of china’s medical system and the development of non-public medical cause.