partner with world renowned scientist to share visions on elimination of malaria —— guilin pharma successfully held the 3rd ecme (the online medical training)-凯发k8娱乐app下载

partner with world renowned scientist to share visions on elimination of malaria —— guilin pharma successfully held the 3rd ecme (the online medical training)-凯发k8娱乐app下载


partner with world renowned scientist to share visions on elimination of malaria —— guilin pharma successfully held the 3rd ecme (the online medical training)

at 9:30 p.m. on 20 november 2015, the guilin hall with a capacity to accommodate a hundred people on the second floor of shangri-la hotel guilin city was packed but quiet. all people in the conference room, together with over 600 audiences at the sub-venues in eight african countries had their attention focused on a learned and elegant senior gentleman in a suit on the stage. they were listening to the speech of prof. nicholas j. white, one of the most renowned malaria scientists in the world and a professor of tropical medicine at the university of oxford. in his deep and attractive voice, prof. white was unfolding the history and status quo of human’s fight against the ancient disease and giving his expectation of eliminating malaria under the topic of “the past, present and future of malaria elimination”. the audience was completely intoxicated with the eloquent and coherent speech that lasted for more than an hour. in the subsequent q&a section, prof. white ardently discussed with malaria experts of 8 african countries who attended the live broadcast via an internet based global video conference system as well as those on site in guilin and patiently responded to their concerns and confusions on “the elimination of malaria” through nearly 2 hours interactive communication.
it was the live broadcast of the 3rd ecme of guilin pharma. the ecme project was launched as a multimedia on-line medical training program dedicated to african healthcare professionals by guilin pharma in 2014. it is designed to build an academic communication platform between well-recognized scientists in their respective academic field of medicine and the researchers and the front-line medical workers in africa through trans-regional long-distance real-time interaction at multiple locations by virtue of the internet based communication technology. through discussion of popular africa related medical topics and sharing of the leading-edge development of relevant areas, ecme aims to improve the local medical level and benefit the african people.

as one of the world's most famous malaria experts, professor nicholas j. white has worked on malaria research for more than 40 years. his research has contributed to form the now generally accepted theory and practice basis for the treatments of malaria, which is to use artemisinin-based combination treatment for uncomplicated malaria and parenteral artesunate for treatment of severe malaria. over the past decade, his work has helped to save thousands of people living in the malaria epidemic areas especially africa.
prof. white has served on many malaria committees of the world health organization and since 2004 he has co-chaired the committee responsible for developing the malaria treatment guidelines. in 2011 he became a member of the malaria policy adversary committee to the who. prof. white has published over 800 scientific papers, mainly on malaria, and he sits on the international advisory or editorial boards of many scientific journals including the lancet and plos medicine.
it was a great honor for guilin pharma to invite prof. white as the respective speaker of the recent web lecture project, to discuss the accomplishments and setbacks in humans' fight against malaria and how to achieve the ambitious goal of 'eradicating malaria' from earth with 12 top african scientists on site and 615 malaria related researchers and healthcare professionals in eight african countries including kenya, tanzania, uganda, zambia, malawi, ghana, burkina faso and ivory coast over the internet.

after the millennium, with the increasing consciousness of the international community on malaria, the improvement of environmental and public hygiene conditions, the widespread adoption of the insecticide-treated bed nets and malaria rapid diagnostic tests, and especially the application of the new artemisinin-based antimalarial therapies, the number of malaria cases and mortality of malaria began to decrease, which reignited the hope for “a malaria free world”.  the who released its global technical strategy for malaria 2016–2030 in june 2015, in which the global malaria target was reset from “roll back malaria” to “elimination of malaria” through a step by step elimination plan in certain countries and regions for the next 15 years.

africa, the continent with the world’s highest malaria case incidence and mortality, has been deeply plagued with this life threatening disease. we believe, the face-to-face communications of last ecme between a world class malaria expert and the local african healthcare staff in the field would bring the african people, especially the front-line healthcare workers, more confidence to fight against malaria.

prof. white’s web lecture was very well appreciated. dr. billy ngasala from muhimbili university of health and allied sciences (muhas) tanzania said: " guilin pharma is using technology and expertise to bring high class lectures given by renowned scientist to us, we are thankful to guilin pharma. it is a wonderful experience to the researchers in universities and institutions as well as healthcare staff in the field in africa. normally we have to spend thousands of dollars to attend academic conferences held in europe or the united states for such quality presentation from top scientists like professor white, which is unaffordable for most african staff. thank you very much for your efforts!"

in future guilin pharma will continue to work together with well-recognized scientists to provide good quality web lectures to the healthcare professionals in africa, and to build the ecme project a leading online medical training platform in the world.