the new drug of the subsidiary of fosun pharma obtains the approval in clinical trials-凯发k8娱乐app下载

the new drug of the subsidiary of fosun pharma obtains the approval in clinical trials-凯发k8娱乐app下载


the new drug of the subsidiary of fosun pharma obtains the approval in clinical trials

on april 6, 2016, shanghai fosun pharmaceutical (group) ltd. (“fosun pharma”) released its announcement that fcn-411 capsule and its bulk drug (collectively called “this new drug”) manufactured by its subsidiary –chongqing fochon pharmaceuticals, ltd (“fochon pharma”)  has obtained the approval of clinical trials from china food and drug administration (cfda).

on october 13, 2015, fochon pharma submitted its first applications of fcn-411 to chongqing food and drug administration for the clinical trials. the applications were officially accepted for review and were granted  the special priority review qualification. fcn-411is developed by fochon pharma as a 1.1 class of new drug. fcn-411demonstrated superior potencies both in vitro and in vivo, as well as excellent pharmacokinetic properties and safety of april 6, 2016, fosun pharma group currently has invested approximately rmb 27 million yuan on this new drug’s research and development.

it is reported that currently there is no similar drug in the market of the same drug target with the independent ipr (not including hong kong, macau and taiwan). according to the materials of ims midastm (provided by ims health, which the global leading provider of the professional information and strategic consulting service in the health and medicine industry). in 2015 the similar drug has the global sales over 230 million us dollars. the announcement of fosun pharma also mentions the corresponding risks. according to the requirements of the relevant new drug research and development laws and regulations of the chinese authorities, this new drug still needs to conduct a series of clinical research and obtain the official review and approval before it is put into the market for sales.

fosun pharma always takes innovation as the driving force of its corporate development and continued optimize its pharmaceutical r&d system that integrates imitation and innovation. in recent years, fosun pharma has continuously increased its r&d investment, thus having formed the international r&d layout and the comparatively stronger r&d capacity. at present, fosun pharma has nearly 900 research staff and has built the interactively integrated development system by laying out its business operation in shanghai, chongqing, taiwan and san francisco the us and continued to increase its investment on the four major r&d platforms, thus having created the high-efficient r&d platform in such fields as small molecule chemical innovation drugs, large molecular biosimilars, high-value generic drugs and characteristic preparation technology, etc.




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shanghai fosun pharmaceutical (group) co., ltd. (“fosun pharma”) is a leading healthcare company in china, which was established in 1994 and was listed on shanghai stock exchange and on the main board of the stock exchange of hong kong limited in august 1998 and october 2012, respectively (stock code: 600196-sh,02196-hk). fosun pharma's operations strategically cover several important segments of the healthcare industry value-chain, including: pharmaceutical manufacturing and r&d, pharmaceutical distribution and retail, healthcare services, diagnostic products and medical devices. fosun pharma maintains a highly capable international r&d team in addition to its national recognized enterprise technology centre, with a continuous focus on research and development in therapeutic areas such as metabolism and alimentary tract, cardiovascular system, central nervous system, anti-tumor, immune regulation and anti-infection.  with its commitment to innovation for good health and creating a better future, fosun pharma will adhere to its development strategy - “organic growth, coupled with m&a and integration”, and engage itself to becoming a world-class enterprise in the global mainstream medical industry. for more information, please visit