fosun pharma released 2015 annual csr report-凯发k8娱乐app下载

fosun pharma released 2015 annual csr report-凯发k8娱乐app下载


fosun pharma released 2015 annual csr report

on march 30, 2016, fosun pharma released "2015 fosun pharma corporate social responsibility report" along with its annual report in a-shares. the report presented measures and progress of strategic management, economic responsibility, products and services quality, environmental protection, occupational health and safety, employee development and social welfare of fosun pharma group and elaborated strategy of sustainable development of fosun pharma to the public. meanwhile, fosun pharma would release "2015 fosun pharma corporate social responsibility report" both in english and traditional chinese in h-shares.


this report is prepared in accordance with "chinese national standards social responsibility guidelines gb36000" and the sustainability reporting guidelines (g4 version) released by the global reporting initiative (gri), which is also in compliance with requirements set out, and with reference to guidelines on social responsibility for corporations in china issued by the chinese academy of social sciences.


sgs-cstc standards technical services co., ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "sgs"), an independent external institution with no conflict of interest in connection with fosun pharma has been commissioned to perform third party verification of the csr report. the report also coverd the site examinations of fosun pharma as well as two member enterprises of fosun pharma, dongting pharma and chemo biopharma, reflecting the openness and transparency of the report.


the report covers six segments, including the "strategy and management", "economy", "products and service quality", "environmental health and safety", "employee" and "society". based on 2014 report, the information disclosed in this report is richer and more systematic.


the report disclosed more strategy initiatives in terms of stakeholder communication with and substantial increase based on integrity.

for pharmaceutical enterprises, research and development of pharmaceutical innovation is an important manifestation of social responsibility. in terms of pharmaceutical innovation, fosun pharma keeps on moving on the process of the nobel prize in physiology or tu yoyo, medicine winners of women scientist. artesun, the company's innovative drug has so far saved more than 700 million lives of patients with severe malaria. the patients are mainly children under 5 years of age old, which has made an outstanding contribution for malaria mortality decline of children.

in the products and services quality, 13 apis of fosun pharmaceutical group has been certified with international gmp certification. and the company attaches great importance to the processing customer complaints with one hundred percent response; subsidiaries did not occur product recalls; patient satisfaction of hospitals of healthcare services was more than 92%.

in terms of ehs, we attach great importance to environmental protection with constant upgrading. in 2015, rmb21.56 million was invested on environmental protection facilities, representing an increase of 70% over 2014; use water in a more efficient way with the total water recycle consumption of 6.38 times in 2014; investment on hardware and occupational health and safety and total operating costs amounted rmb45.05 million, representing two times of that in 2014, while ehs training total duration was over 70,000 hours.

in terms of employees, we attached great importance to r&d talents. we have a total number of 1,922 r&d talents in 2015, representing an increase of 14.7% over the previous year; provided a broader space for development with a promotion rate of 18.45% in 2015.

as for society and welfare, social donation to society in 2015 amounted more than rmb8.47 million.

meanwhile, the company added more cases of staff training and public welfare activities so as to rich content and enhance readability of the report.

chen qiyu, chairman of fosun pharma stated that self-discipline of an enterprise leads to a more harmonious ecosphere. we should actively promote developing sustainable development standards in the healthcare industry, and make oneself an example, constantly purify and verify the whole process of enterprise development in sustainable and high standard, so as to promote the whole eco-industry develop in a healthier and more sustainable manner.

sgs stated in assurance statement of the report, according to concerned issues of stakeholders, fosun pharma reflected the significant impact of the organization on the economy, environment and society, and also reasonably disclosed important issues and indicators that had substantial influence on evaluations to stakeholder and decisions. through different mechanisms, the company would get shareholders, partners, employees, customers and consumers, public and other stakeholder groups involved in the initials, so as to help them gain further insight into corporate social responsibility practice of fosun pharma group.

fosun released csr reports since 2009 for the first time, and keeps on releasing every year along with its annual report in a-shares. in 2015, "2014 corporate social responsibility report" of fosun pharma was disclosed in a-shares and h-shares for the first time. meanwhile, it was given "annual aa grade" by rankings csr ratings (the third place in annual ranking) among 708 a-shares listed companies and the first in the pharmaceutical industry.

as a leading pharmaceutical health industry group, fosun pharma has always dedicated to promoting human health for the mission, upholds the principles of sustainable development, actively take corporate social responsibility from a strategy, economy, products and services, ehs, and all other perspectives, so as to create a more harmonious industry ecosystem.