share cases of return of investment in sustainable development launch goldenbee csr 2030 initiative fosun pharma attends china csr international forum-凯发k8娱乐app下载

share cases of return of investment in sustainable development launch goldenbee csr 2030 initiative fosun pharma attends china csr international forum-凯发k8娱乐app下载


share cases of return of investment in sustainable development launch goldenbee csr 2030 initiative fosun pharma attends china csr international forum

on june 6 and 7, the 11th international csr forum and release ceremony of 2015 “goldenbee csr china honor roll” was held in beijing. with “responsibility and innovation drives development” as the theme, it inherits the professional and international features and discusses and shares the global csr new issues, new development and new trend. fosun pharma was invited to attend the forum and shared cases of outstanding companies in “return of investment in sustainable development” sub forum. meanwhile, fosun pharma, together with state grid, china southern power grid, intel (china) and dupont china launched “goldenbee csr 2030 initiative” in “china wto tribune” in response to the un’s “2030 agenda for sustainable development”, trying to make a contribution to theory and practice of global sustainable development.

this forum was jointly held by “china wto tribune”, csr europe, council for better corporate citizenship (cbcc), society for human resource management (shrm), co-organized by foreign trade association (fta) and emerging market multinationals network for sustainability and supported by united nations children’s fund and thecsrcenterof the swedish embassy.

it is reported that the forum has goldenbee csr leaders forum, csr theme sub forum, goldenbee 2030 initiative and other sectors concerning a total of more than 10 csr issues. more than 80 distinguished speakers at home and abroad discussed the global andchina’s csr trends and hot issues, bringing a thought feast for the participants.

attend “return of investment in sustainable development” sub forum

share investment results of the new drug artesunate


based on the current social and economic development trend, the forum especially focuses on the currently hot social responsibility issues, sets up 10 theme sub forums concerning investment for sustainable development, csr and protection of children’s rights, sustainable supply chain catalyzed by cop 21 and the “13th five-year plan”, biological diversity and green development, business and human rights, etc.

fosun pharma was invited to attend “investment in sustainable development” sub forum. yin gefei, vice president of “china wto tribune”, and guo peiyuan, general manager of syntao made keynote speeches. zhou yiting, general manager and spokesman of brand and public communication department of fosun pharma, cheng duosheng, director of innovation working department of chinese enterprises federation, yu jiantuo, director of research department 1 of china development research foundation, xu xiuling, senior vice president of creditease and other distinguished guests focused on the quantitative assessment approach of the value of social responsibility, discussed how the social responsibility investment creates value and how to apply the social responsibility to the enterprise’s business and operations.

zhou yiting shared cases that fosun pharma’s new drug artesunate saved patients with serious malaria in the world. she introduced the return of sustainable investment of the company’s new drug through internationalization process of artesunate and its fruits of saving patients in the world and other aspects. zhou yiting said, fosun pharma’s artesunate series products are used in curing patients with serious malaria in the world and gets constant investment. currently, new drugs of artesunate series (including oral preparations and injections) developed by guilin pharma of fosun pharma have cured nearly 200 million patients with malaria in total; in particular, the new artesunate for injection is registered and sold in over 30 countries in the world, occupying over 90% of global market in curing serious malaria; so far, it has saved over 7 million patients(most of them are children) with serious malaria, making great contributions to the reduction of malaria mortality in children. at the same time, it also creates favorable brand effect for the enterprise itself.

yin gefei, vice president of “china wto tribune”, said that investment for sustainable development should be considered from two aspects: first, whether taking social responsibilities has economic feasibility or not; second, whether investment has social sustainability or not. the enterprise must balance its investment and return in economy, environment and society to unify economic return and social value created by it.

guo peiyuan, general manager of syntao, said that the core of evaluating sustainable return on investment (s-roi) lies in monetizing the effect of sustainable development so as to quantitatively show the project’s investment, activity, output and fruits. based on the company’s standpoint and social benefit, it can provide a consideration basis to decision making.

cheng duosheng said, staff of csr will profit in two aspects at least from this forum: first, content of annual social responsibility report can be further enriched, including release of events and effects; second, evaluation of return of investment in sustainable development is a more convincing reason for csr manager to convince the management in budget.

yu jiantuo indicated that evaluation should be treated sincerely and carefully and responsibilities should be understood by both the project’s beneficiary and the public. through evaluation, the value of social responsibility is shown in the form of number, thus enabling the public to supervise it and promoting the publicity of benevolence.

respond to the un’s “2030 agenda for sustainable development

launch goldenbee global csr 2030 initiative together

on june 15, 2011, “china wto tribune”, together with benchmarking enterprises, launched china goldenbee csr initiative (goldenbee 2020 for short). over the past six years, with sponsors’ constant efforts, goldenbee 2020 has become an important platform to spread china csr concept and carry forward practice. it is leading chinese enterprises to practice csr in a more systematic, thorough and efficient phase.

in 2015, in the us sustainable development summit, “2030 agenda for sustainable development” was officially adopted. this programmatic document which includes 17 sustainable development targets and 169 specific targets will push the world to gain three unprecedented achievements in the next 15 years: end extreme poverty, fight inequality and injustice, and curb climate change.

topics of goldenbee 2020 are totally interlinked with the un’s 2030 sustainable development targets. to actively respond to the “un’s 2030 agenda for sustainable development”, “china wto tribune”, together with fosun pharma, state grid, china southern power grid, intel (china), dupont china, eaton china, creditease, guangxi yuchai machinery group co., ltd., beijing enterprises group, mbs, nestle china and global compact network china, launched goldenbee global csr 2030 initiative on the basis of continued in-depth implementation of goldenbee 2020 initiative.

on the initiative site, fosun pharma put forward the initiative with the above enterprises together that they should take “common prospect, responsible competitiveness, precise practice, collaborative innovation and value sharing” as the main action target, trying to make contributions to the theory and practice of the global sustainable development. fosun pharma always believes that a more harmonious ecosystem source comes from the enterprise’s self-discipline. fosun pharma will always adhere to the principle of sustainable development, take promoting man’s health as its mission, make itself an example and act actively, so as to lead the whole industry’s ecology to develop more healthily and sustainably.


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