rooted in shanghai strive for innovation official launch of fosun pharma zhangjiang innovation and r&d headquarter base new project-凯发k8娱乐app下载

rooted in shanghai strive for innovation official launch of fosun pharma zhangjiang innovation and r&d headquarter base new project-凯发k8娱乐app下载


rooted in shanghai strive for innovation official launch of fosun pharma zhangjiang innovation and r&d headquarter base new project

on 28 june 2017, fosun pharma held a grand opening ceremony for the lot c4-2 of the new project located at the shanghai zhangjiang fosun pharma headquarter base and strategy r&d center. wang jing, the deputy district mayor of pudong new district, shanghai, lin feng, the chief of medical device division of shanghai municipal food and drug administration, dong shupei, the director of biomedical department, shanghai science and technology committee, zhang dingfa, the deputy director of zhangjiang hi-tech park management committee, xiao rongchun, the general manager of china construction eighth engineering division corp. ltd., guo guangchang, the chairman of fosun group, li haifeng, the senior vice president of fosun group, wu yifang, the president and ceo of fosun pharma, shao ying, the vice president and the president of research institute of fosun pharma, shi jiajue, the vice president and the general manager of infrastructure management department of fosun pharma attended the ceremony, and jointly witnessed the launch of the new project at the stage.


the phase ii project of fosun pharma shanghai zhangjiang innovation and r&d headquarter base will meet international standards including cgmp, and its functional planing covers r&d for innovative medicines, world cutting-edge precision medical technology, world leading medical technology, health big data and intelligence medical innovation. on the premise of maximizing the landscape resource by its overall layout, the lot strives to build itself into a r&d center in the park.


“at present, fosun pharma has registered two joint innovation projects in shanghai zhangjiang innovation and r&d base, one is our fosun kite pharmaceutical project, the second is our surgical robot project.fosun kite project has the world's leading cell immunotherapy technology, drugs have been in the united states into the final approval stage, the first product has been demonstrated to cure refractory and recurrent lymphoma potential. the surgical robot is also the world's most advanced technology, our partner is the world's leading surgical robotics company.” introduced by wu yifang, the president and ceo of fosun pharma, “the two projects settled in zhangjiang will contribute to the development of there. in the future, fosun pharma will be under the overall guidance of building a deep industry strategy of fosun, doing research and development with more and more world-leading companies. we will continue to increase investment, enhance our ability to serve patients around the world, while speed up our r&d speed to produce the world leading treatments and medicals soon, bringing an affordable treatment plan to common people in the prc, or even in the world.”


it is said that, recently, fosun pharma has always led the industry in r&d and innovation expenditure, in particular, expanding its deployment in macromolecular biosimilar and micromolecule chemistry innovative drugs areas. in 2016, r&d expenditure of fosun pharma amounted to rmb1,106 million (same as below), representing an increase of 33.23% as compared to 2015. as fosun pharma continued to speed up its pace of r&d for monoclonal antibody, it had 6 types of monoclonal antibodies (10 indications) being approved for clinic in china as at 31 december 2016; in the meantime, fuchuang, the r&d platform for micromolecule chemistry innovative drugs of fosun pharma, has obtained clinical approvals for 4 type 1.1 micromolecule chemistry innovative drugs in china. meanwhile, fuchuang proactively maintained close cooperation with high-level r&d institutes including shanghai institute of materia medica, and type 1 “succinic acid foretinib”supported by the national new drugs development major project under the cooperation with academician ding jian and his team has obtained clinical approval in china.


the products under the two joint innovation projects registered in zhangjiang by fosun pharma cannot be underestimated. at present, tumor immunotherapy is a treatment approach of the biggest concern and with the largest treatment hope in tumor therapy area, as well as the fourth method for tumor therapy after operation, radiotherapy and chemotherapy. in recent years, cancer immunotherapy has achieved huge progress, in particular, car-t treatment has become a hot r&d investment area in biomedical industry given its current remarkable treatment results as shown during clinical experiment.


with its precise and forward-looking visions, fosun pharma officially finalized its partnership with kite pharma, a world leading enterprise in cell immunotherapy area. both parties intend to jointly establish a sino-foreign joint venture in shanghai, china with no less than usd80 million, to jointly develop tumor t cell immunotherapy market in china. axicabtagene ciloleucel (“kte-c19”), the first mainstream product to be introduced under such cooperation is a t cell therapy product under study, to treat recurrent refractory progressive nhl.


public information shows that kite pharma, a partner of fosun pharma, officially announced on 31 march 2017 that it has completed a rolling submission with the u.s. food and drug administration (fda) of the biologics license application (bla) for kte-c19, its first car-t therapeutic product. the product is expected to become the first car-t therapeutic product for curing lymphoma in the world.


at present, fosun kite biotechnology co., ltd. has been incorporated and operating in zhangjiang, and will actively promote the materialization of kte-c19 in china to bring hopes of recovery to lymphoma patients.

the project led by fosun pharma and intuitive surgical is also progressing rapidly. the company has obtained a business license, while the management team is also under establishment with intensive efforts. the company focuses on r&d and production of robot-assisted catheter innovative medical devices. preliminarily aiming at lung cancer, one of the world’s most common cancers, the company develops and produces cost-effective products favorable for early diagnosis and therapy of lung cancer. this innovative product will enhance medical outcomes by providing better medical tools to doctors, and eventually benefit the patients.


when giving the speech, guo guangchang said: "technology lead and innovation-driven is the core strategy of fosun, we will continue strengthening the investment in scientific research in shanghai, especially fosun pharma’s investment in the field of great healthcare. as a shanghai enterprise, fosun is part of shanghai 's big ecosystem, among which, we have to make full use of our capabilities and advantages in health, happiness and health to support shanghai becoming an excellent city in the world.


wang jing, the deputy district mayor of pudong new district, said in his speech, “we believe that the innovative research and development headquarters of fosun pharma, whose overall positioning is the most representative of the world's leading, pharmaceutical research and development, medical technology research and development incubator base, health data and wisdom medical innovation research and development center, will become one of the most representative, the most forward-looking, the most constructive projects of zhangjiang park in recent years. in the future, we will insist on the positioning requirements of high-end and efficient development. through mechanism innovation, paying full attention to key areas, policy guidance and environmental construction, pudong will further reinforce r&d of innovation resources and gather industrial development resources, in order to facilitate the transformation and industrialization of new drug r&d results. in this way, pudong can play a leading role in the establishment process of a globally influential scientific and technological innovation center, and strive to become a high-end product manufacturing center, innovation r&d center and medical service center of biological medicines in the asia-pacific region and even the world. welcome more enterprises like fosun pharma, which is committed to innovation and development, to develop in zhangjiang, pudong, and i also hope that more outstanding enterprises will follow fosun pharma and bring cutting-edge technology that represents the future to pudong while closely integrating independent r&d and technology import, in order to realize more innovations and breakthroughs.”


i hope that more outstanding enterprises will follow fosun pharma and bring cutting-edge technology that represents the future to pudong while closely integrating independent r&d and technology import, in order to realize more innovations and breakthroughs.”


after more than 20 years of development, fosun pharma has become china’s leading medical treatment and health industrial group which has a leading scale and emphasizes innovation. as a company founded and developed in shanghai, fosun pharma has affirmed the determination to develop business and create a globally leading innovation r&d and production base of biological medicines in shanghai. fosun pharma has established scientific research bases focusing on medicines, diagnosis and new medical devices in areas including shanghai caohejing development zone, zhangjiang, baoshan and jinshan with preliminary results. at the same time, under the inspiration of the vigorous promotion of the zhangjiang comprehensive national science center by the shanghai municipal government, fosun pharma has started construction of the zhangjiang r&d base project. upon completion of construction, a large number of globally influential advanced medical technology r&d and innovation enterprises will be gathered and stayed in the base.


in addition, concerning r&d and innovation, fosun pharma grafts global resources with chinese forces. at present, fosun pharma has invested and participated in a number of vc funds in shanghai, israel, silicon valley and boston, and set up vc and angel investment networks in china, even the world, in order to search project opportunities from innovative sources and reserve projects for r&d and industrialization of shanghai.


in the future, fosun pharma will always maintain the initial will of doing business, carry on the mission of the age of “transforming china into an innovative country”, seize the historic opportunity of shanghai’s establishment of a “global scientific innovation center” and favorable chance of zhangjiang’s establishment of a “national independent innovation demonstration area”, constantly increase research input, allocate resources efficiently in a global scale, and promote the listing of globally leading innovative products through means including independent r&d, technology import, external licenses and cooperative research, in order to benefit all patients in the world.