fosun pharma to complete acquisition of tridem pharma, a french pharmaceutical distribution and promotion company-凯发k8娱乐app下载

fosun pharma to complete acquisition of tridem pharma, a french pharmaceutical distribution and promotion company-凯发k8娱乐app下载


fosun pharma to complete acquisition of tridem pharma, a french pharmaceutical distribution and promotion company

[december 12th 2017, shanghai] on october 29, shanghai fosun pharmaceutical (group) co., ltd. (referred to as “fosun pharma”) (stock code:, announced that its subsidiary, fosun pharmaceutical ag, will purchase the entire equity interest in tridem pharma s.a.s (referred to as “tridem pharma”) for an aggregate consideration of no more than €63 million. on december 12th, fosun pharma completed the initial closing of approximately 82% equity for no more than €46 million.


headquartered in escalquens, france, tridem pharma was established in 1986. mr. gérard baylé, chairman of the board, is one of the founding shareholders. as the third largest pharmaceutical distribution and promotion company in french-speaking africa, tridem pharma primarily engages in the import distribution of pharmaceutical products and conducts business including pharmaceutical registration, pharmacovigilance research and promotion service in french-speaking african countries and french overseas territories. tridem pharma owns more than 200 pharmaceutical wholesale outlets and manages a professional sales team of nearly 600 people, covering 21 french speaking african countries and regions.


fosun pharma is the china’s largest enterprise specialized in r&d and manufacturing of antimalarial medicine, and its independently developed artesunate-based medicine has been influential in africa. in late 1990s, its artesunate tablets (asumax) had already won a reputation in africa. in order to help more african malaria patients, fosun pharma started the world health organization prequalification of medicine (referred to as “who pq”) after guilin pharma became a member company of fosun pharma group in 2004. as a result, artesunate tablet was approved in 2005 and later injectable artesunate was prequalified by the who in 2010.artesun® (artesunate for injection), an innovative drug of fosun pharma, is fully ip-protected with guaranteed quality recommended by the who for severe malaria has become the internationally recognized reference medicine for treating severe malaria and has been registered and sold in 35 african countries. at the end of 2017, fosun pharma has supplied 100 million vials of artesun® (artesunate for injection 60mg) worldwide, especially the malaria-endemic countries in africa, and are estimated to have cured more than 20 million patients with severe malaria.


to further explore opportunity in the international market, fosun pharma has established an in-house marketing team and sales network in africa since 2009. today, fosun pharma has four subsidiaries that located in ghana, côte d'ivoire, nigeria and tanzania, as well as four offices in kenya, uganda,

malawi and zambia staffed by nearly 150 sales professionals. in the future, by virtue of tridem pharma's mature sales network and upstream and downstream resources of clients and customers in french-speaking african countries, fosun pharma is poised to perfect the international marketing platform selling pharmaceutical products and strengthen its position in those regions.


with the strategy of “organic growth, external expansion and integrated development”, this acquisition will expedite fosun pharma’s internationalization through expanding the coverage of marketing pharmaceutical products and advancing corporate competitiveness in deep cooperation with pharmaceutical companies in europe and the united states.


“africa will be an important overseas strategic market as well as a significant step of fosun's internationalization strategy. fosun pharma has long been concerned about the supply of needed medicine in african market and has actively participated in the china aid project by organizing training seminars on malaria control and pharmaceutical supervision and management for many years, to support african countries improve the level of malarial prevention and medicine regulation,” mr. chen qiyu, co-president of the fosun group and chairman of fosun pharma said, “as african people are in great need of doctors and medicine, fosun will anchor in african market, and share our industrial advantages to help advance medicine accessibility and take efforts to drive africa's economic growth.”