fosun’s overseas portfolio companies and business partners showcase multiple black technologies at the inaugural ciie -凯发k8娱乐app下载

fosun’s overseas portfolio companies and business partners showcase multiple black technologies at the inaugural ciie -凯发k8娱乐app下载


fosun’s overseas portfolio companies and business partners showcase multiple black technologies at the inaugural ciie

november 5 to 10, 2018, the first china international import expo (ciie) is set to host in shanghai. fosun’s 11 portfolio companies and business partners in overseas healthcare sector will attend the expo and showcase fosun’s latest development in the global health industry, exhibiting leading health technology and products including the car-t cell therapy treatment, the da vinci surgical robot systems and other health products and services from indian generic pharmaceutical maker gland pharma, medical laser maker sisram med, homecare ventilation and sleep therapy product maker breas. other fosun healthcare brands, such as british pram maker silver cross, french margarine maker st. hubert, portugal hospital and medical service provider luz saúde, will participate in the exhibition as well.

these companies mainly come from countries, such as the u.s., uk, sweden, india, france and israel, and cover a wide range of products and services from biopharmaceuticals, medical devices to consumer health, demonstrating fosun’s ability to link global health technology innovations and promote innovation, research and development to help build up a healthy world.

as the leading minimally invasive surgical system worldwide, the da vinci surgical robot systems have advanced technological features of 3d imaging, rotatable surgical instrument and intuitive motion control, allowing surgeons to perform complex procedures while using a minimally invasive approach. 

in recent years, intuitive fosun, a joint venture between fosun pharma and intuitive surgical, is dedicated to bringing the da vinci surgical robot systems into the chinese market. as of october 2018, over 4,000 da vinci surgical machines were in clinical use globally. the minimally invasive surgical technology has benefited more than 5 million patients. currently, more than 70 da vinci surgical machines are in clinical use in chinese mainland and 10 such machines are in use in hong kong. around 100,000 surgical procedures have been performed with da vinci surgical machines in total.

the car-t therapy unveiled at the expo will bring hope for chinese cancer patients. the approval of car-t therapy in europe and the united states is a milestone in the field of cell therapy, bringing revolutionary breakthroughs in cancer treatment. fkc876 (trade name yescarta) is a car-t cell immunotherapy product introduced by fosun kite from kite pharma in the u.s. in early 2017. yescarta is the first car-t cell drug for a specific type of non-hodgkin's lymphoma (nhl) approved in the us and eu for the treatment of relapsed or refractory diffused large b-cell lymphoma (dlbcl) or adult patients with primary mediastinal large b-cell lymphoma (pmbl). at present, fosun kite has obtained the comprehensive technology transfer and commercial license of yescarta to china from the us-based kite pharma. yescarta has also obtained the approval of the registered clinical trial of china national drug administration. fosun kite cell treatment preparation base has been officially launched and yescarta’s introduction has been a benchmark for the standardization and industrialization of chinese car-t cell therapies.

gland pharma is a pharmaceutical member company of fosun pharma based in india. the company was founded in hyderabad, india in 1978 and joined fosun in october 2017. gland pharma is the first injectable drugs manufacturer in india which has been approved by the the food and drug administration of the united states. gland pharma has extensive product development experience serving pharmaceutical needs in different markets around the world, including the synthesis of complex drug molecules, such as low molecular weight heparin (lmwhs) and anticancer drugs; and the development of complex injections such as freeze-dried products and high-efficiency and long-acting suspensions drugs. 

the sisram med (stock code:, a medical equipment manufacturer in cosmetics surgery, was the first israeli company listed on the main board of the hong kong stock exchange. in 2013, sisram med established and acquired the world's leading light-based, radiofrequency and ultrasound solution provider alma lasers, which stands as one of the top five global leaders in the industry. alma lasers has extensive experience in designing and developing equipment for energy-based non-invasive medical aesthetic and minimally invasive treatments. alma lasers’ products shipped to over 80 countries and regions are widely acclaimed by international customers with its soprano, harmony, and accent product lines.

in addition, swedish device company breas brings its new product z1 at ciie. breas has provided innovative respiratory medical device products to the global market for almost 30 years, and z1 is the smallest, lightest, most portable continuous positive airway pressure (cpap) machine in the world.

other fosun health product and service brands showcased at ciie include luz saúde, st hubert and silver cross. luz saúde is a leading private healthcare provider group in portugal. it owns private hospitals, national health service hospital under a public private partnership, private ambulatory clinics and senior residences. established in 1904, france-based st hubert is a pioneer in the healthy food industry while uk-based silver cross, established in 1877, remains renowned for its meticulous design, high-end craftsmanship, excellent materials and attention to details.

“fosun’s mission is to create happier lives for families worldwide. health is the wish of every family and everyone. we invest in cutting-edge technology and high quality medicines to help patients recover. let the world be a better place because of fosun,” fosun international chairman guo guangchang said.  

during the ciie, a global health and technological innovation forum themed “global initiative: building health ecosystem together” will be held by china pharmaceutical innovation and research development association, international health exchange and cooperation center of national health and family planning commission and fosun international. as one of the official events at the ciie, leading figures and experts from the industry will gather at the forum to present the latest trends in global healthcare innovations and discuss ways of cooperation to improve human health.

innovation is an important means to improve human health. since its establishment in 1992, fosun has become an international industrial operation company with its roots in china. technological innovation has been the driving force behind fosun’s continuous development in the sectors of “health, happiness and wealth.”

health has become a pillar sector in fosun’s customer-to-maker (c2m) ecosystem. the health segment mainly includes fosun pharma, henlius, fosun kite, wanbang biopharmaceuticals, yao pharma, guilin pharma, gland pharma, foshan chancheng central hospital, united family healthcare, sisram med, silver cross, etc. 

in recent years, fosun has been taking technological innovation as its key initiative in the sectors of pharmaceutical manufacturing and r&d, innovative healthcare management service, connecting global health technology resources, and pushing forward the upgrade of china’s health industry. in the first half of 2018, rmb 4 billion (usd588 million) was invested into technology initiatives including r&d, venture capital investments, incubation programs, etc.

with its roots in china, fosun also aims to link health technology innovations worldwide. one initiative is to bring chinese innovative medicine abroad. the antimalaria medicines, artesun, innovated and produced by fosun’s guilin pharma, have saved over 20 million human lives.

as an international company headquartered in shanghai, fosun aspires to become a global leader in technology and innovation through adhering to its technological innovation strategy and pushing forward development in health technology, new energy, big data, artificial intelligence, financial technology, etc. it will focus on building up the new technology hub and contribute to the journey of shanghai becoming the technology and innovation center with global influence.