integrity inspection department-凯发k8娱乐app下载

integrity inspection department-凯发k8娱乐app下载


(1) improving public awareness on anti-corruption;

(2) providing anti-corruption consultation and compliance recommendations;

(3) accepting and investigating complaints and reports;

(4) supervision and inspections (daily supervision and special inspections).

anti-corruption policies

management system on anti-corruption supervision

regulations on anti-corruption
employee code of ethics and business conduct
rules on anti-corruption in engineering construction projects
anti-commercial bribery agreement
regulations on report and complaint
regulations on protection and reward for witness and informant

rules on gifts and hospitality

report and complaint policies
the company guarantees the legal rights of stakeholders (including but not limited to customers, suppliers, business partners etc.) and pledges to process complaints from stakeholders in an appropriate manner.
the company encourages employees and external individuals to report through related channels with any effective methods. the company shall process all complaints appropriately in accordance with requirements of the regulations.
the company encourages real-name reports and shall prioritize the processing of and response to such reports.

once the report has been verified through investigation, the qualified informants may receive appropriate praise and material rewards in accordance with the company's regulations on rewarding informants.

scope of complaints and reports

according to related regulations and institutions of the company, the scope of complaints and reports includes but is not limited to the following actions:

 (1) employees who request or accept properties or unlawful interests from others by means of their official powers;

 (2) employees who bribe others for the purpose of obtaining unlawful interests;

 (3) employees who use company funds for private purposes;

 (4) employees who abuse their powers or neglect their duties and cause damage to company interests;

 (5) employees who violate their loyalty obligations to the company and damage the company's interests.

 (6) other unlawful violations that damage or may potentially damage company interest.

anti-corruption supervision department (acsd)      

address: building a, no. 1289 yishan road, xuhui district, shanghai

post code:200233

report hotline: (86)021-33987226

fax: (86)021-33987020

email report:[email protected]

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