global r&d center

fosun pharma is patient-centered, clinical needs-oriented and high and new technology-driven strives and spares no efforts to promote r&d and innovation.
over the past years, fosun pharma has established an international synchronous r&d operation system, a development cooperation model and an entire value chain from drug discovery process to clinical development process through its large investment in the innovation and r&d of new drugs. in addition, fosun pharma has formed multi-level technological platforms for biosimilars, innovative small molecule drugs, high-value generic drugs, and new technology-based therapy with a focus on some areas, making it a leader in the field of innovator drugs.

  • 4,975
    fy 2021 r&d expenditure (rmb million)
  • 2,800
    r&d personnel
  • 7.85%
    proportion in group staff
  • 1,500
    employees with master's degree or above

24-hour ongoing r&d globally

the r&d and innovation in fosun pharma are full of vitality. governing and leading fosun pharma's innovation strategy and layout, global r&d center assists in the construction of technological platforms, promotes global clinical development and registration, and spares no efforts to promote the innovation of new drugs. the center operates each technological platform independently, and actively promotes the exploration and research at the pre-clinical stage as well as external cooperation.
currently owning the diverse pipelines with a suitable gradient for its r&d, which can be used to solve unmet needs, fosun pharma will actively and decisively expand the layout of r&d pipelines, and speed up the innovation in r&d with the greatest efforts so as to benefit more patients.
  • independent research and development

  • collaborative development

  • license-in

  • in-depth incubation

innovation is the significant responsibility for the sustainable development of pharmaceutical enterprise

we have established efficient international r&d teams in china, the united states, india and other countries